Average Cost of Rigging Service – What Costs What?

Speaking in terms of shipping employment of crane companies, rigging is known as setting up a crane. A crane is complex machine, which is made by the collaboration of many simple machines. A person who manages rigging is known as a rigger.

Rigging of Crane

Riggers are responsible for setting up equipment necessary to regulate the optimum working of a ship. This include check and balance of masts, ropes, cables, pulleys and winches, holistically managing rigging services.

A crane is a very large object, made up of many smaller objects. But even, those smaller objects are very heavy. Since part of rigging utilizes moving heavy objects from one place to another, this can cause a safety hazard. Many people, particularly riggers, suffer injuries if they are careless with work.

Cost Factor

Cost factor of rigging services is dependent on many factors. Some of them include:

  • Length & Weight
  • Hydraulic Gantries
  • Crane vs Heavy Forklift

Length & Weight

This is no rocket science. Larger and heavier an object, expensive it will be. A thumb rule in the world of rigging is that once the equipment catalogue reaches a sum of 100,000 pounds, the equipment list gets short. The weight factor is a one of the prime factors, when dealing with reliable crane companies.

Speaking in terms of length, rigging a 40-ft rig would cost around $100 per foot to re-rig with wire rigging.

Hydraulic Gantries

What do you want? Ease of access of rigging services by spending a lot of money or saving those precious bucks and continuing the choice of hardship.

Hydraulic gantries are provided by crane companies. They are responsible for lifting heavy objects. It is a tool of choice. Sometimes due to weight and size of an object, we cannot make it mobile enough to allow us an ease of transportation.

Hydraulic gantries facilitate us with incredible lifting systems, which can easily lift loads of 4-800 tons. The downside of acquiring hydraulic gantries is that it, itself is a machine. It requires a skilled crew to assemble its parts and to correctly maneuver it. It may even take longer to assemble than the time it takes to simply move your equipment from one place to another.

Availing hydraulic gantries is costly but it is also worthwhile. Once the hydraulic press is ready, it is ready to rumble and ready to move your complex machinery.

Crane vs Heavy Forklift

A crane operates very well in an outdoor area but one of its downfalls include its limited indoor functionality. Especially a 30 feet ceiling would almost make the crane operations almost impossible.

A heavy forklift is an optimized forklift which performs the functionalities of a crane. It can lift and move goods from one place to another. Due to comparative “shorter length” it can easily be utilized in indoor facilities. However, there’s a catch. A heavy forklift is useless on soft surfaces without adequate road plantation.

Now comes the real challenge of going for the preferred method of getting rigging services DC. For a little cost, you can set up a heavy forklift, which would facilitate you with a cheaper labor. Alternatively, you can the money being spent on a forklift and make your work more tedious and complex. This would delay the work and may cost expensive labor, depending the time they take to complete the task.

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