Can online games be good for you?

Some parents have very negative opinion about online games and they are scared that getting interested in video games will spoil the future of their kids. Is this view point correct? Lots of discussions in this regard is taking place around the world. Some parents argue that the benefits of video games can be increased if practiced under proper guidance and control. They argue that it can be very much beneficial to the development of mental faculties and personality of a child. Let us examine some arguments raised by the propagators of the above idea.

Video games are steroids for brain

Some scientific study has been conducted by German researchers about this matter. A group of Adults of age around 25 were asked to play video games for 30 minutes regularly for two months. Brains of the participants of the video game and another group of people who did not play any video game at all were examined using MRI scans. The study showed that the brains of the people who have played the video game had an increase in the gray matter in the appropriate location of the memory indicating improvement in special navigation, strategic planning and memory formation.

The people who did not play the video game had no change in their brains. This demonstrates the link between video gaming and increase in brain’s volume and how specific regions of brain can be affected by video games. Further scientific studies have shown that video games could be used as a therapeutic method for patients who suffer from mental disorders like schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease etc.

They can make you smarter

In a recent study conducted by a London University about 72 volunteers were asked to play a specific video game for around 40 hours per week. After playing the videos game for about 6-8 weeks tests were conducted to assess whether there is any change in their mental alertness or other qualities. It was found that participants of the game have performed better in psychological tests and they completed the flexibility tasks with much speed and accuracy. These scientists hope that one day they will be able to develop clinical intervention techniques for ADHD.

It slows down the aging process

Scientific studies conducted by a the University of Lowa has found that playing video games for two hours a week can be helpful in slowing down mental decay. In this study a group of 381 people around the age 50 and above were asked to play video games for two hours per week and found that they could live without any decline in their cognitive skills for about seven years.

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