Can You Fix A Furnace Yourself

A furnace is supposed to keep you warm and cozy during cold winter nights. The last thing you would want is to wake up in the middle of the night to fix an unexpected issue or call HVAC companies for furnace repairs. So, we are going to discuss some common furnace problems and how to fix them yourself. Let’s begin!

Furnace Not Turning On Or Blowing Hot Air

A furnace not turning or blowing hot air is primarily due to a thermostat issue. The thermostat tracks the temperature inside the house and informs the furnace to turn up or reduce the flow of hot air. If there happens to be an issue, the thermostat will fail to inform the furnace, which as a result, might not turn on.

Therefore, it may sound silly but you should check the thermostat. If you are living with several family members, especially kids, it is possible that someone might have accidentally adjusted the temperature. Therefore, make sure that the temperature is set to “heat” and at least five degrees above room temperature.

Furnace Not Producing Heat

If you notice that the furnace is not producing heat, you should first check the thermostat. Try moving the temperature slightly up and down to see if it makes a difference. Then, check the batteries of the thermostat. Most thermostats rely on batteries that require replacement at least once a year.

If that does not solve the heating issue, it might be that the thermostat requires calibration. Although you can do it on your own as well but it is better to consult a professional in this regard. It takes only a single try to calibrate the thermostat. Once it is done, you can solve any related problems in the future.

Furnace Not Producing Enough Heat

In some cases, you will notice that your furnace is not producing enough heat. There are several reasons contributing to this issue but you should first check the air filter. Furnace filters become clogged over time due to dust and dirt accumulation, which makes it difficult for the unit to breathe.

This is why it is important to regularly clean the air filters and replace them after a certain period of time. The air filter should be absolutely clean for the furnace to run normally.

Safety Switch On Furnace Door

A furnace that fails to run normally will require a few simple checks such as the limit switch on the furnace door. The safety switch is a safety feature, which prevents the burner and fan from coming on while the access panel is removed.

If you remove the furnace door, you will see the safety switch popping out. This means that the door must be in its place and sealed properly for the furnace to work. If you have recently installed a new safety switch, you might want to check if it’s working properly. Simply shut off the unit, prep the blower door, wire the safety switch, and check after installation.


Some of the most common problems arise due to a lack of maintenance. Furnaces like other home appliances rely on regular maintenance. If you allow dust and dirt accumulation, the furnace will ultimately develop several problems at once.

Therefore, if you notice something unusual with the burner flames, you should try removing the contamination as it is amongst the most popular causes of burner problems. The burner flames should be blue and even. If you observe that the flames are yellow, try cleaning the burners.

Electric Ignition Or Pilot Control

Furnaces have a pilot light or electronic control, which prevents the flame from running constantly. With that said, a faulty ignition system especially found in furnaces with a thermocouple can reduce the ability of the unit to properly heat the home.

You can try solving the issue by resetting the ignition or inspecting it for cracks and damages while cool. Plus, always consult the user’s manual in such situations. You risk your safety and damage to the unit.

Final Word

In the end, the above-mentioned tips will help you solve the most common furnace problems on your own. However, if the issue is much more complicated and risks your safety, be extra careful and follow the instructions manual. If required, do not hesitate to consult furnace repair services ronkonkoma.

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