How People Kept Themselves Cool Before ACs?

Have you ever wondered how people really lived like before ACs? There were no HVAC companies until 1902 when the first air conditioning system was introduced. But that was originally was for industrial purposes and people could not afford that.

Importance of Air Conditioning

Air Conditioner changed the human lifestyle and the way people keep themselves cool during hot weather. Most of the today’s AC repair companies should be thankful to the idea of air conditioning with use of latest available technology.

Best Air Conditioner maintenance tips

But it seems quite a weird thing to think about that how the life was before ACs. Nowadays, it’s extremely hard to imagine life without air conditioning system in summer. This is interesting to learn how people lived during that time and what they did to keep themselves cool. In this post, we will learn about the history of human lifestyle before ACs and what were the possible ways people used for cooling their houses and themselves.

  1. Natural Cooling Within Houses

Population was not that much a century ago as it’s now. Cities were not so populated and global warming was not a concern for people. Those guys were living in the best time before we could enjoy that. However, the history shows people in the past built their houses differently before ACs. And the invention of air conditioner totally changed the way people used to build their houses. The houses during that time were spacious, open, had broad windows covered with curtains, open corridors and passageways for air movement and ventilation was enough for every part of the house. This concept in construction of houses helped the people of past in keeping their houses cool.

  1. Hand Used Fans

This trend was rife. People in villages still use handmade fans when they are out of power. This practice is very old. As that time, there were not global warming and hot weather issues- they lived with those fans. An AC repair company wrote in its blog that it was a popular practice for people in past.

  1. They Used to Go Outside

Now we have the internet and social media websites that have badly damaged the concept of sitting together, eating outside in the open air and chatting for hours before hitting the hay. People of past were blessed to not have the internet and social sites and that kept them together. They moved outside, used to walk, go for longer walks and spend time with friends and family outside during night. Even they used to sleep in the open air and it was such a great blessing.

  1. High Ceilings

As we talked about the house designs, people in past were in favor of rooms with high ceilings. This was a great trick to keep houses cool and prevent the sunlight hit the rooms directly. This way, they also prevented cold weather affect their rooms. They used to keep rooms open, clean and a dirty room creates more heat than a clean room. This was their trick to safeguard themselves against harsh weather conditions.

  1. Naps under the Shade

We are blessed to have ACs and HVAC companies who help us get quick service from AC repair companies. We find it extremely difficult to spend few minutes if AC is not working. But the people in past enjoyed the shade of trees. This was a popular practice for those people. During the daytime, they used to take naps under shades and it was believed the best solution to beat the heat.

  1. Use of Ice and Water

This practice is still in use in the rural areas and especially those hit with severe heat waves. This practice involves using ice and water for keep yourself cool. The people in past were creative and they used to keep near ice blocks, use water abundantly, enjoy swimming in pools and canals, pour water over them and keep themselves wet in the worst cases.

  1. Moving to Cold Areas

This has become a trend now and people only move to cold areas when they have vacation. But in the past this practice was quite common and families used to move to their relatives who lived in relatively nicer places. And it helped them beat the hot weather conditions of summer. But now that the technology is advanced and there are HVAC companies Falls Church VA to provide the best AC and HVAC systems, you don’t need to do that!

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