How To Teach Lazy Child

Motivating a lazy child can be a huge problem. However, if you try to understand a lazy child problem rather than criticizing him/ her, you can achieve much in a short span of time!

Reasons for Children Being Lazy

Children are not born lazy, they become lazy. Some are super active in their childhood times but as they grow, they lose focus and interest and become a couch potato. Others are lazy ever since they are children. But what is the reason behind such idleness? Some of the reasons we can come up with are as follows:

  1. Parents are negligent in doing work
  2. Not enough exposure to outside nature
  3. Too much dependence on electronics
  4. Criticizing instead of encouraging children
  5. Bullying or fear and others

Parents Are Negligent in Doing Work

There is a phrase which is associated with this “monkey does, monkey follows”. If you are negligent in doing your work around the house or do them lazily or not diligently then a child will imitate you the same. For teaching a lazy child, the importance of hard work and being active will fly right by his/her ear if you don’t follow the same advice yourself. Children always look towards the adults, if you prefer TV with a snack over being productive, your child will do the same. If you show your child to be more diligent and to invest their energy in activities around the house or regarding their school work, you will notice a significant change in them.

Hence try to be more active regarding work and learning yourself and let your child see you so he/she can understand its importance as well.

Not Enough Exposure to Outside Nature

Many kids like to stay indoors all the time. Lazy child problem isn’t simply being lazy in doing their school work, it is also being ignorant of his/her house or room and it is also the lack of passion in achieving wonders rather sticking to their same old routine of work and TV eventually sleep. You must have noticed that sometimes when your mind can’t seem to work or you’re distracted, a walk through the nature or a small entertaining activity can do wonders to bring your spirit back.

If not, then we suggest you try it and let your kids experience it as well. by going for a walk outside daily or on the weekends, a child remains refreshed, he/she becomes more active to his surrounding and their brains tends to wake up from its dormancy. Hence encourage your children to play in the nature or take them out to parks or gardens or hikes on the weekends so that their body understands the importance of mild exercise!

Too Much Dependency on Electronics

We are aware that you being a mom have the hardest responsibility in the world in the form of a child. Sometimes, you need your break and some alone time to help you in reviving yourself as well. In such moments, many mothers hand over their phones to their kids letting them play games or watch kiddie shows etc. while such behavior is not frowned upon, handing it out in excess and letting your child depend on it is definitely a state of frowning. This will become difficult for you because your child will be too much addicted to the electronics and would rather watch or play games indoors than do his work or play outside with his friends.

By being negligent on their usage of electronics, you are slowly paving the way for teaching lazy child the importance of activity in his later years. Or simply making the child be ignorant to work or exercise or anything and just be in love with his gadgets!

Criticizing Instead of Encouraging

One of the major lazy child problems is that he/she has been criticized too much. Make it a habit to be encouraging rather than criticizing. If your son is weak in math but strong in science then appreciate him for his science lesson and be positive about his math problem. Teach him that it’s okay to make mistakes and to learn from it or find a solution for it rather than getting frustrated or scared of telling your parents or teachers their problems!

Bullying, Fear or Other Problems

Learn to listen to your child, talk to him/her and cooperate with him/her. Sometimes teaching lazy child to be active isn’t the problem but rather he/she being scared of something is. In such cases only those children overcome their issues who can talk about them to their parents. So give some time to your kids, talk about their days and stuff they did. Be open, be compassionate at the same time, and help them in understanding right and wrong!

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