Vote by Mail at 2020 Presidential Election: Legit or No Legit?

Coronavirus couldn’t and wouldn’t end until the 2020 Presidential Election and it’s been affecting Pennsylvania Trump vs Biden polls and the constellation by far. Election mail voting has come forward as the prominent solution considering the ballot safety measure and protection against the virus spread. US Postal Services would process millions of voting mails if the system is really applied for the upcoming presidential election.

Trump Criticism

The president hardly, openly criticized and even mocked the mail voting as illegitimate and a joke. It’s not pretty clear the technical arguments that directly strike the mail-in vote procedure but Trump insisted to declare upfront the illegitimate mail voting implementation, only if he loses in the upcoming election. He also wants the US Postal Service privatized. However, it seems that not the mail or mail service that the president is afraid of, but the ballots and of course, the voters.

Florida Love Mail Voting

The state where Biden is losing actually love the mail voting and show enthusiasm to give their votes regardless of the system and situation. These expressions come forward as the Florida voters were asked to choose between the election being delayed or an on-scheduled election with the mail-in vote. Trump’s base has straightforwardly picked the second option. Biden is currently declining in Florida, purifying the path for the incumbent candidate.

Mail Voting is Legit with Proper Fund

Mail voting for 2020 Presidential voting could potentially be in a mess but yet still legit. There’s no better option than mail-in voting. The cybersecurity threats following the pandemic situation make the distance voting done with physical mail. It’s more costly indeed but the best available and executable option without exposing more people to the virus.

States have different experiences and acceptance towards voting by mail but the Postal Service under the new postmaster general claims to provide the best delivery on this election. The company guarantees to deliver ballots on time for effective counting and recapitulation. However, the general should postpone his cost-cutting that’s formerly planned to save the company. In fact, a stimulus should be injected into this national company to support voting mail in the US Presidential election.

US Postal Service should be fully supported one or two weeks before and during the election day. Only proper funding could optimize the US Postal Service and allow the company’s fleets to deliver, pick up, and redeliver ballots on-time. Congress should issue stimulus bills for the company and states.

On the other hand, voter participation is counted whether this mail voting works or fails. It’s very important to any legitimate voters strictly follow the voting procedure and be responsive(and initiative) to request, fill, and return the ballots as soon as possible. Your participation stops there and you’d only need to wait for counting and the presidency winner so please stay at home due to a pandemic situation.

In the end, American citizens would likely vote by mail in November. Despite what Trump vs Biden state by state polls and the president have said, mail by voting is legitimate. While the execution could be disorganized and lawsuits would be everywhere, mail voting would be working. Voter participation is as important as Congress’ stimulus bills to the states and US Postal Service.

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