What are the different types of air flight tickets available in the US?

All persons who want to travel in air planes need to buy their flight tickets in advance so that they can board the plane from the start point, fly in the selected airplane and land at the destination airport.  There are different types of air tickets available for persons who want to travel by flights. There are also many options for availing any of these tickets. To make  your travel more beneficial    and to make buying of  tickets  an easy and happy job, one needs to have some knowledge about the various types of air tickets available and the various manners in which they can be purchased and used for a hassle free journey.

Know about different types of travel tickets

This type of ticket is useful for travellers who need to travel in one direction only. Such people may be going to some countries for permanently residing there or their return date may not be specifically known at the time of onward journey. Students and professionals come under this category.  Such travellers have to purchase  a second ticket for their return journey when it becomes due.

Round trip tickets

Round trip tickets are for passengers who have a definite plan for their complete travel. Such passengers include business travellers, diplomatic officials etc who visit a particular country for some particular need and return from that country soon after meeting their immediate need or purpose of the visit. This type of ticket is popularly used for particular journey between two countries. The ticket charges for round trips are considered to be lesser when both the trips are performed using the same airliner.

First class tickets:

First class tickets are type of tickets that allows persons to travel either in one direction or in both directions with better facilities. First class travellers are given spacious seating, good quality food, beverages and all other amenities usually provided in flights.  These are considered as the most expensive air tickets available in the present day. These passengers are provided access to the airport lounge when waiting for the arrival of the flight and similar other entertainment facilities available on board the flight.

Business class tickets

The purchaser of this class of ticket is allowed to sit in business class. In this type of tickets the travellers are given more comfort and facility than in coach or economy classes. Increased leg space, more seat width etc are some of the benefits of business class tickets.     But the travellers in this category are not getting the conveniences or facilities that are available for first class ticket travellers.

Coach tickets or economy tickets

A person travelling with coach ticket is allowed to travel in economy class or coach class. In this type of seats the basic minimum facilities required while travelling in a plane only are provided to the passengers. This is the less expensive mode of air travel.  Passengers travelling with coach ticket are given minimum snacks during the flight and other comfort facilities like leg room etc are provided to a limited extent only. The normal leg room in an economy class will be 28-34 inches. The width of the seat in economy class is normally between 17 inches to 33 inches which can be very low for persons with higher body weights.

 Non- refundable tickets

This type of ticket is often purchased at great discount under the condition that they will not be refundable under any circumstances.  Passengers who are not able to travel on the specified date due to some personal problems can ask the airliner for another ticket on another date on the same route.  The rules regarding the transfer of tickets to another date varies from state to state and from airliner to airliner. The airliners may charge some penalties or other charges before allowing the transfer of ticket to another date.

Refundable tickets

All tickets other than those belonging to non refundable category   are refundable to a limited extent at least. The terms and conditions for refund have to be understood completely before applying for refund. In most cases the amount of refund is directly proportional to the number of days to travel date, before which the refund application was filed.

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