When did culture begin?

When people started living together in groups, they started identifying themselves as a group or tribe who had certain things in common like the dress they wear, the language they speak, the music and the rituals and the like.  These peculiarities formed the rudiments of culture.

Historical evidences

Researchers have unearthed evidences for the beginning of the modern culture.  The findings of this researchers in South Africa give clear evidence of existence of human culture even prior to the earlier date hitherto considered by educated people. Evidences have been received regarding the existence of artifacts which are 44,000 years old in an area which is coming under the present South Africa.  Similarly evidences of jewelry made of ostrich eggs were unearthed in a place now situated at Johannesburg in South Africa. The above evidences and more other evidences have proved beyond doubt that the modern man came from a place which is now situated in South Africa

Carbon dating

In the year 1940, scientists developed a method to find the age of a substance using radioactive properties of carbon.  This is known as carbon dating. Using carbon dating, it has been scientifically proved that traces of San culture, which is detailed above, has existed earlier that 20,000 years ago.     The scientist who made these studies certifies that the people in those days who lived in South Africa “were cognitively and genetically fully modern”.

They  opine that the existence of ostrich egg were not solely intended for ornamental needs, but it has played a crucial role in developing a barter system of transaction among the people of that area and that time. The researchers also claim that the Border Cave people of that period used poisoned arrows for hunting and there were  engraving on arrow heads to indicate to whom it belongs. This is retained in the San culture also according to archeologists who have undertaken serious investigation in this matter.

The research paper published in this regard in a scientific journal claims that the fossils found in those areas show that modern culture came into existence from southern Africa. But some other pioneers in this matter are of the opinion that it cannot be pinpointed as single place from where the history of modern man began.

Some eminent researchers in this field positioned at University of New York, argue that there are ample evidences to show that the human culture started around the same time as stated above in and around Europe.

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