10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Your choice of venue and wedding party rentals for the big day goes a long way in deciding how good your wedding ceremony will be, and therefore it is not something that you should rush into. Start early, and make sure to ask these questions to figure out if the place is a good fit for your needs.

Question No. 1 – How much money in deposit will need to be put down?

You will need to pay a fraction of the total fee before you book the wedding venue for your wedding date. Find out how much that is and if the value can be negotiated. Also ask about the payment structure for the remaining fee.

Question No. 2 – What is the total capacity of guests that can be seated?

Make sure that the venue is able to comfortably accommodate all guests at the venue. You must also take into account foot traffic, for both guests as well as for the service staff to do their thing while the ceremony is underway. Also with the recent pandemic situation, social distancing must be observed with at least one meter between each person.

Question No. 3 – When can the wedding vendors have venue access?

Get the date on which the vendors you have booked, either in your personal capacity or via the venue itself, can arrive in order to decorate the space according to how you have initially planned your dream wedding to look like.

Question No. 4 – Is there a minimum food and beverage requirement?

A lot of venues impose a minimum requirement of food and beverage when you book through them, and in case you do not meet the quota, a penalty is charged.

Question No. 5 – What is the policy in case of unforeseen cancellations?

The ongoing pandemic has demonstrated that no plans are final, and that unforeseen circumstances may emerge forcing you to cancel. Find out how the payment will be reimbursed in such a situation.

Question No. 6 – Will there be any hidden charges on the final invoice?

You should ask upfront exactly what is included in the total invoice and if the venue has any charges for “extra services” they will provide during your ceremony. This will give you a clear cut idea on exactly how much it is that you will be spending, and plan things accordingly.

Question No. 7 – Do you have a list of approved & unapproved vendors?

For venues that do not have in-house vendor services, they will often have a list of recommended vendors, as well as vendors they do not deal with. Find out about this so that you do not end up booking the wrong people to make your wedding come to life.

Question No. 8 – Does the venue have a handicap accessible entrance?

Asking this question is extremely imperative as there will be people on your wedding guest list, both kids and the elderly who cannot walk in on their own and will need handicap assistance.

Question No. 9 – Are there any noise restrictions in place for weddings?

Weddings get loud, that is a given. Sometimes however, the noise gets a little too out of hand and if the venue is not properly proofed, it can trigger a series of complaints from the neighborhood.

Question No. 10 – Is parking available for guests arriving at the venue?

As guests arrive at your wedding in their cars, they will need to get it parked. Having an on-location parking spot will make life a lot easier for both you and the guests.

Choosing the right destination for your wedding is one of the most important steps to planning the wedding of your dreams, and it is often the thing that your entire wedding preparation will center around. This is why it is suggested that the first thing you should do when tackling your wedding plans is to check off the venue selection from the list. This is also why these places tend to get booked out pretty fast, so if you really want your wedding to be hosted at your dream location, it is imperative that you move fast.

About a year in advance gives you plenty of time to get everything else in order once the venue selection has been completed, in order to ensure the place feels truly yours on the actual day. Moreover, you also need to hire florists and wedding tent rentals Rockland NY for the venue to look beautiful.

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