8 Things Most Brides Forget To Do

Even if you have planned and started working on everything beforehand, you may remember the details of tent rentals and staging and dance floor rentals but there are some other things that every bride often forgets to do. No matter how well organized you kept everything.

Wedding planning guide for brides

Following are the things forgotten by every bride;

  1. Having a Meal on Your Wedding Day

Most of the brides have been seen forgetting their meal on the day of their wedding either because they are extremely excited and overwhelmed with the feeling that they are going to be married or because they are so tied up to so many different tasks that they forget to eat their food and then feel weak later in the day. So, if you want to stay active all through your wedding day then ask someone from your family or friends who can provide you and your group some food so that even if you forget, they will bring up something to eat for you. Make sure you know their details so that you can thank them by sending some gift or a thank you card after the wedding.

  1. Having a Plan B

A lot of brides forget to have an alternate plan in case of any contingency of the weather. You don’t know how unpredictable the weather can be so, it is quite necessary to have a plan B already set up so you can easily move your guests towards that in case of bad weather conditions. The tent rentals and staging and dance floor rentals can help you in arranging an alternative set up.

  1. Sparkling Up the Engagement Ring

Brides usually regret forgetting to shine their engagement rings up because your new wedding ring would be so sparkly that it might dull your engagement ring if that is not shined up. So, make sure you give your engagement ring to the jewelers and ask them to make it shine like a new one.

  1. A Bag with Essentials

You don’t know what you might require in the middle of your wedding ceremony or how the weather could affect your makeup. So, prepare a bag by putting in it all the makeup touch up items and essential things that could possibly be needed.

  1. The Sunset

The perfect time when you can get the most aesthetic pictures is the sunset. You would want the best pictures on your day of the wedding as it only comes once, and that is what the brides tend to forget or get busy in some stuff and then regret it later. Ask your bestie to keep an eye on the time and tell you when the sun is about to set.

  1. Comfy Shoes

You would definitely regret not bringing a pair of flat and comfortable shoes along because you would have to stand and walk on the day of your wedding way too much and doing so while wearing heels could cause leg and back pains. Besides, you would surely not want to walk around the venue in your barefoot on your wedding day, right?

So, bring along some comfortable shoes which you can slip into and walk around and greet everyone easily. However, if you don’t want to take off your heels then bring along a pair of heels that is more comfortable than your wedding ones.

  1. Checking Everything before the Ceremony Starts

Check the set up before the guests show up and tell the decorators if they have missed out something or if there is something that you don’t like and wants to be changed so that everything is done beforehand. Also, don’t forget to check the dance floor set up by the staging and dance floor rental companies as it is the most exciting and entertaining part of every wedding.

  1. Vendor Meals

Take care of those who are managing your wedding day. Some brides tend to forget giving their vendors a part of their wedding food. Doing so would make them feel more encouraged and energetic, so set a table for the vendors to have some food there.

You would spend lots of your money on the decoration, dress, tent rentals DC and so many other things to make your wedding the perfect one. But, if you forget any one of the aforementioned things, you might regret it for a long time.

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