4 AC And HVAC Repair Facts That Are Not True

When it comes to air conditioners, there are several myths that not only cost homeowners huge bills at the end of each month but also affect the life of the unit itself. Plus, with newer technologies being introduced in the market, customers are bound to remain confused. So, let’s look at some common myths surrounding ductless air conditioners and HVAC systems.

Setting your AC to the lowest temperature will cool the house quickly

This is the most popular myth surrounding air conditioners. The fact of the matter is that turning up your AC as high as possible is not going to cool down the house faster and will only result in huge electricity bills. The proper way is to adjust the air conditioner to a normal temperature and allow it to take some time to cool things down.

Most of the time, homeowners will crank the ac higher than the temperature outside. What most of them do not realize is that this will not work on a central unit controlled by a thermostat. If you have a single-room air conditioner, you might be able to bring down the temperature relatively faster but if you were to make it a habit, it will become a problem every month.

It’s better to run the air conditioner all the time

Most homeowners believe and often follow this practice. They tend to crank the air conditioner as high as possible while leaving the house so that it remains cool when they come back. Then again, this is only going to cost you a huge amount of money in the form of bills every month. In some cases, mostly depending on the temperature outside, cranking the thermostat all the way down is not going to make any difference.

In fact, the air conditioner will have to work twice as hard to maintain the same temperature it could have if it was set at a normal temperature. The only difference is that it would have taken a bit more time. You should not be doing this especially if you have an air conditioner that does not come with an adjustable thermostat. If it does, simply leave it running at normal temperature while leaving the house to put excessive stress on the unit.

Turning on a fan will cool down a room

Turning on the fan is going to save you huge electricity bills, especially if you notice that you are using the AC too often but the thing is that fans do not work and cool rooms like the air conditioners do. Air conditioners tend to cool rooms by cooling down the air in the room, whereas the fans produce cooling effects by increased air circulation. This allows the sweat on your body to evaporate faster and gives you a bit more room to become comfortable.

So, if you thought that turning on the fan will keep the room cooler even if no one’s there, you are wrong. It is just a waste of energy.

If you don’t use your air conditioner frequently, it will increase its lifespan

This is one of the most illogical myths ever to exist. Some people think that not using the HVAC system is going to make it last longer. That is never the case and will never be the case. The reason is that either turned on or off, you will still need regular AC maintenance. Every electrical, mechanical, or any other type of item requires maintenance. There is no point in not using it but instead wasting money on its maintenance. It would be better if you use it and then perform annual maintenance because that way you will not be wasting your money instead making it worth it.

Final Word

Concluding, the ac repair myths mentioned above carry no weight whatsoever. New air conditioners today are technologically advanced and intelligent enough to save energy for you. Therefore, leave the old myths behind and walk yourself towards the future. If you don’t know about something, search the internet or call in an HVAC repair service Plainview for the inspection and repair of your ductless or ducted air conditioning system.

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