6 Common Oven Problems And Their Solutions

Ovens and dishwashers can make your life easier considering all of your time that they save but you need to do appliance repair quite often. They are prone to breaking down but here a few common oven problems and their solutions

Igniter Not Working

One of the most common problems found in ovens is that they won’t heat. The gas burner isn’t lighting up. The issues may range from the gas shortage or electrical shortage depending on the type of oven you are using.

Sometimes, there is debris in the burner that won’t allow it to ignite or sometimes the igniter need to be changed or repaired. Check for the wires connected to the igniter too as they can get loose. If nothing works and the problem still persists, oven pros are needed to be called.

Temperature Fluctuations

A thermostat that heats the oven can get broken down quite often as a result of not providing the required oven temperature for heating. Oven repair is required if such thing happens. The thermostat can be checked by preheating the oven and then using a thermometer to find the accuracy of the oven.

Make sure that the knobs are tight if not then screw them tightly. Most of the time, the thermostat is faulty and need to be replaced. Do that in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Oven Door Not Closing

Another more commonly found issues in the ovens and refrigerators is that the door is not closing tightly or is stuck. Door latch or hinges are the main problems but sometimes it’s the seal which is dirty and needed to be replaced.

Check for hinges or broken door springs or the seal that is clipped to its front. Replace any of these parts if necessary. If you are not looking to call oven repair services then you must be careful in lifting and removing the oven door. The door sensor can also be a problem and can be replaced because it doesn’t let the oven to be heated. To deal with the sensor, you can reboot the oven control board so that the sensor is rebooted, and any errors are removed.

Light Not Working

Inside the ovens, there are lights and they can go out as any other light would. It isn’t that big of a problem and can be resolved quite easily. Though, you will need to have the knowledge of what type of bulb is being used inside the oven. There are two types of bulbs used in the oven; the standard and the halogen bulb.

Replacing the bulb by opening the protective cover is the solution to this problem. The difference of the bulbs plays a part in how the new bulb actually fits inside the oven. The standard bulb will have to be screwed back in, but the halogen bulb will need to be just pushed inside until it fits. Remember to use gloves or cloth because the bulb can be hot and can burn your hand. It is a fairly easy procedure if it is handled with caution.

Uneven Cooking

Improper and uneven cooking by your oven means that there is a fault in it. The main purpose of the oven is to distribute the heat evenly across the food. This is mostly due to the burning element.

This issue can be resolved by taking the element out through some easy unscrewing of the element compartment. When it is out, check the element before putting it back in. Repair or replace the element if it has a need to be. Make sure to turn off the switch of the oven before working on it.

Self-Cleaning Malfunction

Self-cleaning ovens are not popular where they use its own heating system to clean itself. If it stops working, you need to take some steps to make sure it works properly. Precautionary measures are needed to be considered because an oven can’t self-clean itself from large spills. There are still some things that are needed to be cleaned manually like ashes.

Start the self-cleaning cycle correctly and set the knobs and timers according to your need. Since it uses the thermostat to clean, probably the thermostat is needed to be changed.

To avoid any inconvenience, regular check from oven repair Northern VA services is needed.

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