6 Perfect Tips On Decorating With Multiple Rugs

Area oriental rugs have been around for a long time. They are mostly used as a single piece when curating a dining space but the art of mixing multiple rugs is somewhat of a dilemma but it looks very creative. Here is how you can do it.

Two in a Single Room

This is probably the simplest thing you can do. A single room can be adorned by matching rugs. This doesn’t create the sense of mixed-up flooring in the room rather it promotes the symmetry. If the room is big enough, you can easily adjust both of the carpets. This is very beneficial for people who like harmony and simplicity in their house rather than being exotic.

Same Colored Rugs

Another way of arranging area rugs in your room is by matching the color of the rugs no matter their pattern. The different patterns can be used in your favor actually as it makes your room look more exotic. If the color is the same, there is a very small distinction between the carpets and their patterns. It may look like a piece of each other’s extension. With this technique, you can also use layering in your room. Layering should be done right and the rugs should be laid down flat on the other ones to avoid any tripping hazard. It is a very good technique to use for multiple rugs and all you have to do is follow a buying guide for same colored silk and area rugs.

Mix With Different Sizes

Different sized rugs are also effective when mixing multiple rugs. It creates a very creative environment around the room. Rugs that are of different shapes and sizes can break up a room and divide into parts where you can place your furniture. Use of the rug colors are can be different from each other and it depends on you. Same colored rugs have already been told before but different colored rugs of different sizes can make your room look more dynamic. Use a small rug for entrance, a bigger rug as a centerpiece or another rug for the reading or coffee table will look very chic in a big room this is basically using different rugs for each area in a room. You can also use this technique in layered rugs.

Mix a Solid Colored Rug with a Patterned One

A mixture of both solid and patterned rug is also a creative idea to make your room lively. A very static and neutral colored rug can be placed under a more vibrant and exotic one to make the room more flexible. Solid colored rugs will deal with the color scheme of the room while the exotic, Persian rugs will look most attractive and reducing the factor of making it too much colorful (unless you want it to be.)

Mixing Patterned Area Rugs

Rugs with patterns have more dynamic range than normal solid colored area oriental rugs. You can easily buy them off your local rug market but beware of buying a synthetic one. Once you decide upon getting an area rug that has patterns, you can have so many options to choose from. Try to choose the two rugs that have the same color palette that also matches the palette of your room but have different patterns to create diversity and a traditional look in a room. Rugs of different textures are also very powerful in making the house look modern and contemporary. You can have so many options for the texture, many of which are ecofriendly like jute, cotton, wool, etc.

Layering the Rugs

Layering has been hinted a lot previously but it hasn’t been defined much. Layering sounds like a basic rug-on-rug concept but it is far from it. The basic idea is the same but you can mix it up with a lot of possibilities. Home designers have been using this technique for quite a while now. This technique can be utilized in all the above techniques like using different sized rugs placed on top of one another and mixing with different colors.

You can easily buy silk rugs near me Alexandria from a rug vendor who has knowledge of the rugs. Try experimenting with these rug mixing techniques mentioned above until you find your style.

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