What Is A Heriz Rug? What Are Pros And Cons Of Heriz Rugs?

Rugs are very popular among people and it is a great way to dress up your room. If you prefer traditional and handmade rugs, here is everything you need to know about a Heriz rug.

What Are Heriz Rugs?

Heriz rugs are named after the city Heriz, located in Iran. It is the place where the Heriz rug is manufactured. It is a completely hand-woven rug, which is a beautiful piece of art.

The most striking factor of a Heriz rug is the central design. It is a huge medallion or several small medallions, woven to perfection. It is a beautiful rug that is very similar to Persian rugs, but they are also different from them in the sense that these rugs can be made from silk or wool, and also the design differences are also there.

Another great thing about the Heriz rug is the rich color palette. The colors of deep red, burgundy, brown, rust, auburn, and orange are used to make this rug. This rug is definitely a show stopper and it will stand out in your room.

The Heriz rug is not something that is afraid to show its heritage, so the symbols of different things used in villages and even animals are woven onto it. This gives the rug a unique and distinct appearance and it really is a preference for a lot of people all over the world.

Pros And Cons Of Heriz Rugs

Here are some good and questionable things about the Heriz rug.

They Are Durable

The Heriz rug is an extremely durable rug. It is not going to budge and it also has a lot of weight to it, which makes it very luxurious. These rugs are not easily ruined and they also don’t need a rug anchor underneath them to hold them in place. You can rest assured that the Heriz rug will last you for years to come if you take care of it properly. These rugs are known to last for decades, about 20 to 30 years with the proper care.

They Are Expensive

As beautiful as the Heriz rug is, they are also quite an expensive investment. They are huge rugs, first of all, so that in itself, will increase the price. As these rugs are hand woven to perfection, they cannot be made in any type of manufacturing factory, because their appeal is the fact that they are solely made by hand.

Persian rugs are mostly hand woven, but there might be different varieties that can be made on a large scale, but that is not the case with a Heriz rug. It takes months to complete one Heriz rug and the price is rightly justified for its durability and beauty.

It Is A Huge Rug

The size of this rug can be taken as a pro and con, depending on who is buying the rug. If you are looking for a big rug that can cover most of the floor space, then the Heriz rug is a perfect choice. You can get this rug in sizes greater than 3 meters so it is a good-sized rug to cover up the floors.

Unfortunately, there is no area rug size available in the Heriz rug and this can be a big deal breaker for a lot of people, but that is just how it is and if you want this rug, then this is the only size you can get.

Can Be Hard To Find Similar Décor

The Heriz rug has a rich color palette and while it is amazing that this rug is a combination of vibrant colors, it can also be too bold for some people and it can be hard to find matching or even complimentary things to go with the rug. You need to think this through before buying this rug because decorating with this rug can be hard, but it is still a beautiful article, nonetheless.


There you have it! A Heriz rug is a very beautiful kind of rug and it will transform the way your room looks. It is definitely worth getting if you are a fan of rich traditional patterns and tribal rugs Northern VA.

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