6 Signs To Repair Your Chimney Flashing

Chimneys have a bottom which are usually attached to the roof. This is called a flashing and it is the point where the chimney meets the roof. This part of the chimney can get leaked and it is very important that you perform chimney repair immediately. Here are some signs you should look out for if your chimney flashing is leaking.

The Fireplace Is Wet

This is a very alarming and huge sign that your chimney needs to be checked for leaks. When the fireplace is off and you go to start it, you will see moisture and water on the floors and surface of the fireplace. This is not a normal thing to occur at all. You need to inspect the chimney and flashing immediately because they might be getting leaked.

The Roof Is Damp

Another very alarming and common sign that something is wrong with the chimney is that the roof and ceilings where the chimney is, will start to dampen. This is a very important thing to look out for, because the roofs and ceilings getting wet spots and patches on them is a very crucial thing to be fixed. If this issue is prolonged, then the roof can crack and the foundation can be ruined too. You shouldn’t wait too long for this and have your chimney inspected immediately, because chances are that your roof flashing will be leaked.

Fungus On The Inner Walls Of The Chimney

Wherever there’s moisture, there is going to be fungus and molds. This is a natural thing to occur and it can be a good indicator of leaks in the chimney flashing. If your chimney is inspected on a regular basis, and if you find some sort of mold or fungus on the walls of the chimney, then it’s highly probable that your flashing is leaked and all of the water, snow or moisture from the outside is seeping inside the house through the chimney. This needs to be looked at immediately, because fungus and mold can actually ruin and damage the bricks too.

Water Puddles

Another very common sign of a leaked chimney flashing is the appearance of puddles of water around the fireplace and even inside the chimney on its surface. The flashing is a sealed frame which helps to keep everything blocked and away from the reach of the fireplace and the house. This includes water, moisture, snow, wind, etc. But if the flashing is leaking, which happens from time to time, the contents of the outside will find their way inside the fireplace and house through the leaks of the flashing and this will result in the formation of puddles all over your fireplace.

The Bricks Are Getting Discolored

Water and moisture is also responsible for the discoloration of bricks around the walls of the chimney. This can be easily detected by looking at the walls of the chimney and seeing that many bricks have turned a dark and rusty color and they have wetness and droplets of water all over them.

The discolored bricks will be closer to the leaked flashing. This is a clear sign that your chimney flashing is not sealed properly and it needs some work done on it. Changing the bricks is also recommended, because discolored and rusted bricks are also weaker.

Gaps In The Chimney Walls

This is a sign which occurs very late, but if you let the leaking go unnoticed for months, this will continue to eat the bricks out and the result will be gaps between the bricks of the chimney. The water and moisture are corrosive to bricks and if the contact of the bricks and water is prolonged for too much time, then it will result in irreversible damage to the bricks. The gaps are very dangerous, because one small impact can tear the entire chimney down and it can also damage the roof a lot.


There you have it! These tell-tale signs will let you know when your chimney flashing is leaking and you need to repair it, otherwise the damage can be quite severe to your roof. Get help from skilled chimney contractors Columbia MD to repair your chimney flashing. A small cost of chimney repair is better than to spend much more on roof repairs if the problem is ignored.

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