7 Signs Of A Sewer Backup

A sudden sewer backup can be shocking for the whole family. It is nasty and dirty and the mess is indescribable and is detrimental to you and your family members’ health and property. You should get help from local drain cleaning services ASAP.

What Is A Sewer Backup?

All your sewer pipes and drainage pipes of the house are connected with the main sewer line in your area. The sewer pipes are all constructed underground. When there is an obstruction in the way of any pipe then naturally the water or all the sewerage waste cannot pass through, hence the water which is continuously used comes back up the sinks or drains. This is dirty water as it contains all the waste materials, chemicals, dirt, and other sewerage stuff.

The backup is such that you are unable to stop and your whole house gets flooded with dirty and stinky water. This also damages your property and stuff.

However, there are some telltale signs through which you can know if there is a danger of imminent sewer backup.

Bad Odors

If you notice bad and nasty odors and smells just like sewage from your sinks and drains even though you have just cleaned your washroom then surely there are chances of a backup. Try using strong cleaners to perish the smell and even those don’t work then you need to get your pipes checked by a plumber. Your pipes might have been cracked or damaged underneath the walls which are causing the bad smell.

Slow Moving Drains

They are a sure sign of a blockage or sewerage backup. When the water moves slowly down the drain and is causing build-up then the first thing you tend to do is to use a chemical or natural drain cleaner. Sometimes hair or soap scum also causes blockages in the pines but if after repeated attempts the water is still moving slowly then call in an expert. Chemical cleaners should not be overused as they might also destroy and damage the pipelines.

Mold Growth

You may not know this but mold and sewage backup are directly connected. When the pipes or sewerage line is leaking or cracked behind the walls, it causes water to accumulate. Humidity and water cause the growth of mold on the walls which are then visible. A plumber should be called to inspect your sewer lines and mold related illnesses can be severe and damages your walls and house structure.

Toilet Or Tub Water Backup

Water backing up when you flush sometimes is fine but if it happens consistently then it is a sign of trouble. Clogs, obstructions, leakages, or tree growth can all lead to water backup and then sewage line backup as well. Before the dirty water flows in your homes, call in a plumber fast.

The drainage of your tub is fixed at the lowest area. If you notice water backup from your tub then surely there is a problem with your sewerage mainline as the tub is the first place the water will back up from.

Water Puddles

If you notice water puddles in your yard or washrooms or near the kitchen sink then surely there is a leakage or blockage in your sewerage lines. This leakage causes the water to leak and form puddles.

Bubbling And Gurgling

You will notice strange water noises like it is gurgling and making bubbles which are constantly bursting. This will be on the other drain. For instance, if you open your tub water tap then gurgling noises will come from the sink and vice versa.

Also, when you turn on one tap the water will emerge from other drains. It means there is a blockage and the water is not able to pass through easily and the water when it has nowhere to go backs up from other drains. This means that there is more than one leakage or blockage.

Excessive Plant Growth Or Greenery

If you suddenly notice extra growth of lush green plantation or grass then surely there is a leakage. As the plants under the ground take the sewerage water as their fertilizer and grow excessively.

If you are beginning to notice any of these signs in your home then surely it is a sign of danger. Call in sewer cleaning companies for inspection and repair before matters get worse.

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