7 Things To Consider Before Buying Quartz Countertop

You must have the seen the hype of quartz kitchen countertops. It is constant fight of trends and research about the availability of best quartz vs granite countertops.

All you should know about Quartz kitchen counters

Here is what you should consider before buying quartz countertops:

  1. Understanding Quartz

Know that quartz is different from granite in many ways. Granite is a natural stone while quartz gives an impression of natural stone. It is made by artificially process rocks and then, a pigment is added to give it color.

As compared to granite, quartz does not need to be covered by a protective covering. It is also easier to clean and more durable than granite.

  1. Cost Factor

With added functionalities, cost is increased. From an economic point of view, quartz is slightly expensive than granite. You can avail it at a price of $75 per square foot. This is the median price while higher end quartz countertops are around $100 per square foot.

It is recommended to meet with multiple quartz countertops dealers, so that you can find the most economical deal. Also, ask for discount so that if there is, you can benefit off it. There are also special occasions like Black Friday and Christmas Holidays where services and goods get cheaper. Be sure to avail them at the right time!

  1. Where Will You Install Quartz Kitchen Countertops?

It is understood that you will install them in the kitchen but they can also be installed in bathrooms.

Since both of these places are known to get damp and lots of moisture, you will have an end in terms of water resistance. Quartz kitchen countertops are known to resist wear and tear of water and scratches.

  1. Getting the Stock

There are authorized retailers of quartz kitchen counters and there are quartz countertops dealers.

Retailers may or may not have a shop and you may have to buy the design from an online store. They will deliver the slabs to your home but there is a catch. Without inspecting a design physically beforehand, you may not like it when you see it. There is also a possibility of phishing fraud because the website could be phone.

Therefore, it is recommended to visit physical stores of quartz countertops dealers. Go to their place, talk to them, see the latest designs, pick a sample and strike a deal to install them at your home. The dealers are also available on phone.

  1. Color Chemistry

Natural color combinations are limited. Thanks to computers graphics and permutation statistics, we have achieved zillions of color combinations through artificial means.

While you can visit a quartz countertops dealer and view umpteenth collection of sampled quartz kitchen countertops, you can also find substantial quartz dealer with computer simulation.

Through the use of VR (still a relatively new technology), you will be able to see different combinations of quartz crystal in your own bathroom. The colors with the most appropriate matching and contrasting effects can be used for your home.

Alternatively, ask any quartz countertops dealer and he will give his opinion about using specific quartz countertops, in the light of his masterful experience.

  1. Hidden Installations

Sometimes, a quartz countertop dealer presents a very lucrative deal. On the outside, it appears that there are no hidden charges and you are only paying for an amazingly discounted price but there is a hidden catch.

The catch is that on the written contract, it is written that the deal is only valid if you pay heavy installation charges. Sometimes, there is also no contract and people twist their words.

Whatever the conditions, insist on a written deal and openly ask questions from quartz countertop dealers, so that you may know about any hidden fees.

  1. Quartz Countertop Warranty

A lot of quartz countertop sellers provide warranty of their services. Although, most of them do not provide warranty of personal damages i.e. if you broke the quartz yourself, you cannot claim warranty but if there is a fault in installation or the installed piece is faulty, it can be replaced.

Quartz countertop contractor

Depending from company to company, the timespan of deals is varied. Ask questions about quartz countertop warranty policy from the same company, through which you will need quartz countertops dealer Raleigh NC.

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