Cleaning different types of kitchen countertops

Walk into any kitchen showroom that you want to, and you will see a wide number of countertop options in there. These may include quartz kitchen countertops, granite, wood, soapstone, marble, and laminate. Each of these materials has its own selling point. So, it is very important to think critically before settling for any particular material.

Apart from having a good design, it is also very important for kitchen countertops to be suitable practically. These means that they must be cleaned easily, so that you do not have to spend a lot of time on them.

Cleaning kitchen countertops

In this article, we put together a number of cleaning methods that each individually apply to different types of kitchen countertops.

Cleaning wood countertops

Let us first consider wood countertops. Well, in order to clean wood countertops, the tools that you will need include warm water, nonabrasive cleaner, microfiber cloth, salt, lemon, spatula, and distilled white vinegar.

Once you have all the tools at your disposal, clean the wood with a non-abrasive cleaner using a splash of white vinegar. In case there is food residue, gently scrape it all off using spatula.

In order to remove stains, use a lemon and sprinkle some salt on the countertop. Then, rub the lemon on the area in order to clean the stains.

Cleaning granite and marble countertops

In order to clean granite and marble countertops, the tools that you will need include dish soap, microfiber cloth, hydrogen peroxide, tape, plastic wrap, water, and baking soda.

In order to clean these countertops, make use of dish soap and mix it with some warm water. Then, use a microfiber towel in order to shine the stone up. In this case, avoid using acidic of abrasive cleaners. Otherwise, it can etch the stone and can also strip the sealer off.

In order to remove stains from marble and granite countertops, make a baking soda and water paste for oil based stains. For water based stains, make use of hydrogen peroxide. Once you have made the paste, simply apply it to the area. Then, rinse the paste off and repeat this process if necessary.

Carry on repeating the process until the stain totally goes away. Make sure that you have done a spot test before, in order to make sure that the method is working. After all, you would not want to damage your countertop only to realize that the method does not even work.

Cleaning laminate countertops

Lastly, in order to clean laminate countertops, the tools that you need include household cleaner, microfiber cloth, baking soda, and water.

In order to clean it, simply use a household cleaner after diluting it with water, soaked in a damp and soft cloth.

In order to remove stains from laminate countertops, use a water and baking soda paste. After that, apply this paste to the stain. Once the paste has sit in the stain for more than five minutes, use a soft cloth to clean the paste away.

Since baking soda is mildly abrasive, it is important to not to scrub it. Rather, clean it gently. In case the stains do not go away, repeat the process until they do. Before cleaning, though, do a spot test to make sure that the process works and is not damaging the countertop in any way.

Ending note

All types of countertops have a different cleaning method. While some countertops do not require a lot of maintenance, others have to be sealed regularly. Though, unlike granite, quartz countertops Rockville do not have to be regularly sealed. Rather, they can get by with minimal maintenance.

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