Common problem with refrigerator’s ice maker

Indeed, having ice in the refrigerator that is ready for use is no less than a luxury for many of us. We take it for granted, especially in the hot summer season until we finally run out of it. Then we realize how much of a privilege it was. After that, we start looking for refrigerator ice maker repair options around us.

Well, it is quite common for ice makers to fail. This is nothing new and is an unfortunate reality of owning refrigerators that feature ice makers. However, worry not because the world is not all dark and gloomy.

Common problems with refrigerator ice makers

There is certainly a bright side. Ice makers are not complex. Rather, they are simple pieces of accessory that operate similarly. Hence, with some troubleshooting, you can figure out where the problems are.

Sometimes, these problems can be solved without the need of additional professional help.

These common problems include:

No ice ejecting

Sometimes, you can see that the ice is in the mold. This means that there is sufficient about of water going into the ice maker. So, the water supply is not an issue here. However, you also notice that the ice is not ejecting anymore.

Sometimes, this happens because when you are moving things in the commercial refrigerator, you accidently turn the control arm to the opposite side. This turns the ice production off. In case this is the problem, just turn the control knob back on and the ice will start producing again.

In case there is nothing wrong with the control arm, and yet the ice is still not ejecting, then there is a problem with the gearbox, electrical connection, or the motor.

In this case, you are better off with help from a professional ice maker repair service.

No ice production

Sometimes, the ice maker simply stops producing ice at all. This is frustrating issue for most commercial refrigerator owners. Typically, this occurs due to a possible clog somewhere in the supply line.

In the refrigerator, water sometimes freezes in the supply line and this results in a clog. You can repair this supply line by simply unplugging the refrigerator and turning the valve off. Then pour normal water over the water supply line.

With that, you may also use a hair dryer to defrost the water until it melts. Once you are sure that the water has melted away, you can plug your refrigerator back inside.

Ice cubes are too small

In case you notice that your refrigerator is making very small ice-cubes rather than proper big ones, then again, there could be an issue with the supply line. Chances are that there is blockage than needs to be addressed right away.

In this scenario also, using a hair dryer could actually do your job. But just remember to pull off the plug of the refrigerator before trying something like this. Otherwise, you may end up running into complications which will at last, require the help of professional repair companies.


So, have you tried all the above methods but still your ice maker does not seem to work? Or perhaps, it is just producing strange results? Well in both these cases, something is definitely wrong.

If you cannot determine what the cause is, then perhaps the only option is to call a decent refrigerator repair Fairfax company and get it checked. A professional service will be able to answer all such concerns and will be able to help you out with it. Just remember to read reviews of the service before choosing one, in order to avoid any issues.

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