How Do I Choose Kitchen Cabinet Material

Kitchen cabinets are just as important as kitchen countertops and you need to find the best material for them. Here are some amazing kitchen cabinet materials for your cabinets and kitchen remodeling project. You need to look out for durability, strength, and variety, so here are a couple of options to choose from.

Variety Calls For Melamine

Melamine is an amazing material that is commonly used for kitchen cabinets. It has a nice glossy finish and it looks amazing on your cupboards and other areas where there are cabinets. You can get a variety of colors and patterns of melamine. It is a very cheap material and it also lasts for a decent amount of time. They are also heavy which means that they won’t break easily.

The weight of melamine is also one of its major cons. It can lead to sagging and bending of the cabinet structure. It is also prone to dents, so you need to be careful not to bust anything with too much force. They are, however, easy to clean and maintain so it makes for a good choice of cabinet material.

Nothing Sounds Classic Like Solid Wood

There is just something about wooden cabinets that look that much better in a kitchen. These cabinets are all wood and they look just so classic and elegant, that you wouldn’t want to turn your eyes away from them. The natural color and veining of the wood are more than enough to dress up your plain and boring cabinets.

They are also quite durable and can last a long time, as long as you keep them safe from water, moisture, and stains. It is also quite expensive material, but if it looks as good as it does, then it is a great investment.

Polyester Speaks Durability

Polyester is made out of small plastic beads and there is also crushed wood and melamine in it. It is reinforced into a strong material that is similar to plastic. It is a great material if you are looking for something which is easy to maintain, clean, and has tons of variety when it comes to color and pattern. Polyster is more expensive than melamine but it makes for a stronger material than melamine since there is no possibility of it getting scratched. If, however, polyester does get a dent, it can be a hassle to get it fixed, so it’s better to take good care of it.

Wood Or Plastic? Go For Fiber Wood

Fiber wood or fiberboard is the best of both worlds if you want something in between plastic and wood. It is a great material and it is composed of wood shavings and resins all combined together to make a wonderful cabinet material. It is better than wood because natural wood can accumulate moisture and can crack in certain environments, but with fiberboard cabinets, that is not the case. Just be careful not to sand it, otherwise, the look will be ruined. You need to look.

Laminate Is Reasonable

The pricing and the money you spend on cabinets are also considered. You can’t just go blindly into things without taking the price of the material into account first. If you want something which is reasonable and lasts for a good amount of time, then laminate cabinets are your best choice. Laminate is made out of thin sheets of plastic or resin and it is a great material for forces and impacts. You can bang these cabinets all you want, there will be no scratches or dents on its surface.

It can be a little bit expensive, depending on the quality of the laminate, but considering its strength, it is a great investment and the money is paid off within no time at all. Laminate also comes in a lot of colors and in a number of finishes. If you want matte or glossy cabinets, then laminate has you covered from all nine yards.


There you have it! These materials not only look good, but they are also very durable and they last long. These cabinets will make your kitchen look good as new. For replacing cabinets or performing any other kitchen update, consult with kitchen remodeling companies Silver Spring to plan out and carry out the project perfectly.

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