How To Choose A Theme For Your Party

Celebration time is the best time of your life. It brings people closer, gives a chance to enjoy, have fun and create memories together with friends and loved ones. Celebration can be about anything; birthdays, anniversaries, your new job, your salary, your child’s 1st milestone, engagements, good results or just a reason to get together. Enjoying a party is another story but planning is a whole different story because you have to get in contact with tent rentals, caterers and others to manage the party.

The most important thing when planning any party is to choose a theme. You must be thinking how difficult it can be to choose a theme, but trust me it is. After a theme is decided it gets easier to decide the decorations, food and activities.

This is how you can select an amazing theme for your party.


First things first, you need to decide on the budget. If you do not have a set budget, then you will have no idea where to stop. You will be increasing items and then when you will calculate, it will be a lot more than what you can spend. So, once you decide the budget, it will be easy for you to choose a theme.

Make A List Of Your Favorites

Make a list of what things you like. Surely your preferences and likes will change over time but you should stick to it for the sake of your own sanity. For instance, if it is your child’s birthday then ask him or her for their favorite cartoon characters of Disney characters. If your child is older than you can go for a sweet 16 party or an 80s bash or gaming zone party. When you have a list then it will be easy to decide.

Check Out What’s In Trend

Search for the latest trends of themes used in parties. The internet is full of ideas and options. It even tells you how to create under the budget decor for your favorite themes. When you will start searching you will get tons of ideas along with decoration, dress code and menu ideas.

Theme Can Be Everything

Do not limit your options by thinking of themes as just for dress up and clothes. But a theme can be about music, about food, or anything else. For instance, a barbecue themed party, or 80s music party or a college fest or a small potluck dinner where everyone gets to bring their own dish, even a vegetable party is a good idea and you can even try a water theme or a race party. Just don’t limit your options but consider the sky as the limit.

The Theme Should Match The Occasion

Always choose a theme that coincides with the occasion of the party. For instance, an 80s bash will not suit a child’s birthday party. Go for decent themes for corporate or formal events such as some exotic food menu or even a silver and black colored theme will be good. A movie night surely will not be appreciated in a formal party but will be welcomed in a friends get together. So, choose a theme that comes naturally with the occasion and guests also appreciate the same.

Colored Theme Is Also A Thing

A black and white theme oozes sophistication, while a red and white theme is great for a Christmas party. Silver or gold is great for an engagement or anniversary party, and yellow is a great theme to welcome summers. Keeping a colored theme is also a great idea.

Give Personal Touches

You can always give a personal touch in your theme so that your guests can remember. Such as naming the cookies after your theme or giving a keepsake in the end with the name of your theme. Keep a photobooth where all your guests could click their pictures and take them home as a memory.

Take Help From Party Rentals

Most vendors and party rentals Maryland have experience of decorating and managing parties so they can help you with selecting a trendy theme which your guests will like. Lastly, whatever theme you choose, make sure it is remembered by your guests as the best theme and make it fun.

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