How to reduce your electricity bills?

The extreme summer heat comes with a rise in the use of electricity that comes from excessive air conditioning systems. As a result, the electricity bills also increase. While these electronics and machinery help us lead a comfortable life, they also cause an increase in the temperature around us. Hence, all air conditioning companies suggest conserving your electricity usage for max savings.

The engines of the machinery produce heat that increases our surrounding temperature, making it warmer. Lowering the temperature as well as saving yourself some money can sound like a really hard task. However, it is not entirely impossible.

Lowering your electricity bills

This article will help you figure out how to reduce your electricity bills as well as reduce the effects of the scorching summer heat.

Paint your roof white

One of the most basic ways of minimizing the heat is to paint your roofs white. This goes specifically for countries where along with summer comes an enormous amount of load shedding. The color white reflects heat, keeping objects cooler.

A black roof will absorb all the heat making the house even warmer. After all, black surfaces absorb more EM radiation. This not only goes for black roofs only, but any shade that is dark will end up absorbing heat more than it will reflect it. Painting your roof white means the excess heat gets reflected and it gives your house a cooling effect.

Studies suggest that white roofs reflect around 90% of the heat, means it will lower the temperature in your house to a great extent. This also means you might not have to use you air conditioning systems at all. Using air conditioners for a lesser time will reduce your electricity bills and in return save you a lot of money.

Turn off the devices you are not using

This is another way to reduce your electricity bill while at the same time controlling the temperature in your house. The devices that are not being used should not only be switched off but also unplugged. Plugged in devices will keep on costing you extra in your electricity bill.

Moreover, devices that are not being used but are switched on will continue to produce heat and baking your room. While this is not a hidden fact that unplugging devices will save you electricity, it also not widely practiced. People prefer to pay the extra amount just because they can afford it. However, they fail to realize that even if they can afford to pay extra, the resources we are using are limited.

This is specifically true for electricity. Water plays a major role in producing electricity and it is one of the limited resources that we don’t save. While unplugging devices will not save you a lot of money, it will still contribute a lot overall.

Buy the right Air conditioner for your room

Choosing the right air conditioner will play a great role in reducing your electricity bills as well as cooling the room properly. Contrary to popular belief, a big air conditioner will not make the room cool any quicker. However, it might increase your electricity bills.

Depending on the size of your rooms, buy HVAC units that fits well. A medium sized air conditioner for a medium sized room will make the room cool properly. Similarly, a small air conditioner for a smaller room will work well. Moreover, it will also save you excessive electricity bills.

This goes especially for buildings that are not insulated at all. For such buildings, the summer heat becomes a torture. A proper air conditioner will help you fight the scorching summer heat more efficiently while also saving you a lot of money by reducing your electricity bills.

Bonus tip

Taking good care of your ACs also help you in avoiding the hefty HVAC repair services VA, in case your unit shuts down due to inefficient performance.

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