Pros And Cons Of A Morning Wedding

You marry once in a lifetime (well, in most cases) and you want it to be the event that everyone remembers. You want it to be an experience and that is the best one, so why not have a morning wedding? There is a cost-cutting side to it as well if you book decorators, and party tent rentals in the morning.

Who Would Go For A Morning Wedding?

You must be shocked at the suggestion that who would want a morning wedding, but the question is why not?

The concept of a morning wedding is not unheard of. Many people are now opting for a morning wedding because of its advantages. However, it comes with its set of drawbacks as well. Let’s look at the pros and cons of a morning wedding.

Pros Of A Morning Wedding


Most of the weddings take place in the evening or at night. But when a wedding is held in the morning then naturally the costs will be lower, as the dealers would be willing to give their banquets or halls at fewer rates due to less demand in the morning. Weddings can get expensive and if you are tight on budget then you should opt for a morning wedding.

Availability Of Venues

You will be able to choose from vast options. During this specific time slot, you will have the option of a lot of wedding venues and parks to choose from. So, you can take your time and decide on the one that suits you best.

Unique Food Options

Ever had a variety of eggs at a wedding or a pancake and waffle bar or different types of smoothies and oatmeal? Perhaps never, right? Your wedding guests will love the idea of a wedding brunch and love the new food varieties instead of the same old wedding dinners. Plus, the best part is that you will have a wide variety of food items for your guests and it will be affordable as compared to the dinner menu.

Excellent Lights For Open-Air Photography

If the weather permits then you should go for a morning wedding. Subtle breeze, morning lights, landscape, and a pleasant feeling are a complete package for outstanding photography. In the evening you will need to spend extra on lighting and power but in the morning, you will save money.

Full-Day To Yourself

The wedding will be over early and then you can spend the whole day with your beloved spouse. You can think of many activities and things to do together and enjoy your time. Weddings at night can get tiring but after the morning wedding, you will have the rest of the day and night to relax and spend time together.

Cons Of A Morning Wedding

You Will Have To Get Up Early

By early we mean actually EARLY. Yes, you will not be able to have your beauty sleep and feel fresh for your wedding. You will have to be up early and then go for your makeup and hairdo to reach the venue in time. If you had your rehearsal dinner the night before then it can be quite tiring.

Strict No In Summers

If you are planning to have a morning wedding then please do not do it in the summer season. It can get hot and guests will feel uncomfortable in the open air and it will be sweaty. For that, you will need to book a closed banquet with an air conditioner which could actually increase your overall wedding cost. In the winter or autumn season, you can go for a morning wedding.

Restricted Guest List

Due to unusual times, many of your guests will not be able to attend the wedding; one due to the time issue and second, because they are not used to the concept of morning weddings. So many of your guests will not be able to attend.

Less Time To Meet And Greet Guests

Morning weddings will be over early and for that, you will not be able to enjoy your wedding with the guests. Some guests may want to leave early so that they can utilize their whole day. It will be over before you know it and you will think that you didn’t meet anyone properly.


Weddings are a beautiful affair, so make sure to make it special and enjoyable, whether you do it in the morning or evening. If you want to save costs on venue and wedding party rentals Rockland NY, then go for a morning wedding.

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