Truck Mounted Cranes And Their Uses

Truck-mounted cranes as the term suggests are machines that are loaded or installed on trucks making them mobile and easily transportable to otherwise complicated areas. These cranes are used in the construction and transportation industry for heavy machinery moving . So, let’s discuss the factors that differentiate these cranes from the other types and their major uses in different industries.

Uses Of Truck Mounted Cranes

Greater Flexibility

To begin with, truck-mounted cranes have greater flexibility when compared to conventional mobile cranes. This means that these machines could be driven on terrains and to relatively complicated sites. However, these machines could only be operated by licensed and experienced operators or drivers.

Perhaps the best thing about truck-mounted cranes is that they do not take too much space. For instance, in the case of stationary cranes, these machines are installed permanently or for longer periods of time. This means that immobile cranes will not be able to move or change their location for months depending on the project.

But in the case of truck-mounted cranes, you can hire them for a few hours and then can be driven back. This prevents the construction site from becoming too congested.

Can Transport Heavy Materials

Another great use of truck-mounted cranes is that they can easily transport heavy materials over the crane itself without needing the assistance of additional cranes as well. As a result, the contractors do not have to spend extra money hiring additional cranes to get the job done effectively.

Furthermore, truck-mounted cranes come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the task at hand, you could either opt for smaller or bigger cranes. At the same time, these machines may require special permission in some regions before they can be driven on the road.

Cut Down The Pick-Up And Delivery Time

Truck-mounted cranes are designed to cut down pick-up and delivery times. In other cases, the crane has to wait for the crew to secure the load and monitor the entire process until it unloads the weight. But in the case of truck-mounted cranes, the operator simply picks up the load and transports it to another location without waiting for hours at the pickup or delivery location. This saves time and a lot of effort.

Do Truck Mounted Cranes Require Maintenance?

Even though truck-mounted cranes are rigid, tough, and designed to perform for years to come but that is not possible without regular maintenance. Since truck-mounted cranes deal with loading and unloading extremely heavy loads throughout their lifetime, cracks and wear and tear may occur.

This is why some states have strict regulations governing the safety and security of cranes. For example, the driver/operator should inspect the crane truck for any damages or unusual sounds before operating the crane.

In addition to that, every manufacturer recommends inspection and maintenance at a certain interval to help keep the machine in perfect working condition. Such details are mentioned in the instructions manual, which is mandatory to follow as well.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Truck Mounted Crane?

As mentioned earlier, truck-mounted cranes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To go with the perfect option, you will need to define your needs and preferences. In addition to that, you should consider the types of loads you will be loading along with the weight and compare them with the features of each type.

Cranes are loaded with numerous different features depending on the task they will carry out. Therefore, if you want a crane that can load and unload relatively lighter weights, you should not be opting for a crane that is engineered to handle thousands of tons. This will simply cost you money as you won’t need the extra features that come along.


Truck-mounted cranes are interesting machines that are widely popular across the globe. Their mobility, effectiveness, cost and time cutting, and the ability to lift and transport heavy loads are some of the major selling points. This is why you can easily find boom truck rentals DC for renting these cranes. And as easy as it might seem, truck-mounted cranes can only be operated by licensed experts who are required to comply with the industry standards, making loading and unloading heavyweights much safer and secure.

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