What Are The Best Materials For A Pool Patio

Once you have decided to build a pool or you have already installed a swimming pool, you would need to consider having a patio for the pool. For a small space, the patio will connect the pool with the house. If the pool is a bit far from the house, it can act as separate flooring around the pool and a relaxing area. You can take ideas from a patio builder or consider these materials for a pool patio.


Concrete is regarded as the most durable material for pool patios and individual patios. The USP of concrete is that it can be made in any shape, color, design, and pattern. Concrete is cheaper than most other patio materials and is also easy to install. However, you would need to have a contractor pour concrete as it is hard to DIY.

Moreover, concrete is a low-maintenance material so you won’t need to spend too much time keeping it clean.

On the downside, concrete pool patios are not visually appealing. As most pool patios are made of concrete, they are not unique. To curb this disadvantage, you can use stamped concrete with more unique patterns and colors. However, it is more expensive than regular concrete.

Concrete is non-slip, which is a reason why it’s popular for pool patios, but if you use stamped concrete or decorative concrete, the surface will be slippery.


Pavers enable you to lay beautiful patterns for your pool patio. They are more aesthetically appealing than regular concrete but cost more than it. In spite of that, pavers and bricks are priced similarly to stamped concrete.

Brick patios and pavers are non-slippery and safe for wet feet. They are low maintenance, but take a bit more time off your day than maintaining concrete pool patios.

All the bricks installed are not 100% even so some people might find it rough on their feet and hands. Bricks give off a rustic theme which doesn’t go well with modern pool and home designs.


Tiles make the space look elegant and sophisticated. Glazed tiles are used for most projects, but they are slippery and a bad choice near a pool and water features. Your preference should be unglazed titles that are non-slip and have the same durability and aesthetic appeal as glazed tiles.

Apart from that, tiles are easy to install and many homeowners can lay tiles themselves. However, having a contractor install tiles is better.

Tiles have different costs depending on the material. Ceramic tiles are considered pricey, but their user-friendly qualities still make them a popular choice.

Tiles are easy to clean from their solid surface but similar to bricks, the areas between the tiles can collect grime and dust over time and require additional time for maintenance.

Natural Stone

Natural stones are durable and have many types and variations. This gives you plenty of design, color, and pattern options to play with for your pool deck. The natural texture of a stone patio makes it slip-resistant.

You have various types of stones to choose from. The cost depends on the type and your region. Stone available in your region will cost less than those which are shipped from other countries.

Usually, flagstone, soapstone, and limestone are used for pool patios. You can also choose travertine which is costlier than other stones.

When buying a paving stone, beware that some cheap stone pavers are faux or fake. So, be sure to know how to identify the stone type you want. Before choosing a dark color, take note that dark-colored stones become hotter as compared to light stones when exposed to the sun.

Synthetic Or Composite Wood

Wood decks are preferred by many homeowners due to their elegance and rustic appeal. Installing natural wood decking around a pool is not practical because the moisture and chemicals used in a pool will damage the wood. Therefore, choose synthetic wood as it looks like wood, but doesn’t have the cons attached to it. However, synthetic wood costs more than most of the materials mentioned in this list.


Choosing a decking around your pool depends on your budget and preferences. Work with a patio contractor Long Island to know more about these materials and build an attractive pool patio.

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