What Are The Biggest Event Planning Challenges

Planning a corporate event requires planning and management skills. If you have undertaken the job of planning an event, you should not only book the venue and corporate tent rentals early, but you should also know the common event planning challenges so you can avoid and make your event successful.


One of the most common mistakes seen in events is understaffing.  The reason for this fact is that staffing doesn’t appear less or more until the event begins and you find out that there was more staff needed.

If you don’t want your event to be ruined by the mistake of understaffing, follow make sure to determine the correct number of people you need as staff.

For this, you should write the role and titles of all the people. If there is no person for a specific job, you’ll find out then and increase the number of staff members.

When hiring staff members, calculate how many staff members would be required if 50% of your guests show up and then have the remaining members on call so that if more than expected people attend your event, you have a backup plan.


Budgeting is of primary importance in event management and many people fail to calculate the budget correctly and end up overspending.

If you don’t want to overspend, you should be planning from day one. Moreover, you should expect unexpected things to come up, they should also be considered during planning. Therefore, to avoid going over budget, keep your expenses modest.

If you have planned events before, you may which things you can work on. However, if it’s your first time arranging an event, ask for the data of previous events of the company you’re planning the event for. This will help you determine the budget.

Networking Activities

Did you know that many business professionals attend an event for networking opportunities? So, if an event doesn’t prioritize networking, fewer people will show up to that event.

The best way to include networking is to plan it when you’re setting the timeline of the event. But if you have already prepared a plan and timelines, you can still make some changes to include networking activities like organizing a happy hour after the completion of the main component of the event, social lounges where people can interact with each other and share interests, and more.

Moreover, you should also create an attendee engagement plan so your audience doesn’t leave the event early.

Ignoring Or Forgetting To Track Changes In The Event

Your event planning timeline is not set in stone so you should not stress out if you need to make changes to it. So, if you make a change in the timeline of the event, make sure to track it and adjust your plans with that in mind.

Therefore, you should communicate the changes with the event holders or the company and the people connected with you for the management of the event.

Bad Weather

Nobody can control the weather and certain weather conditions can certainly affect your event especially if your event is in outdoors. Therefore, you should have a backup plan in place if the weather takes a turn.

You should disaster-proof your event venue and have a secondary venue in mind as well that should be indoors. Make sure the location is near the primary venue and you can book it on demand so look for less busy and cheap venues.

Having More Guests Than You Planned

To make your event successful, you may invite many people so whoever you invite, you should make preparations accordingly. However, many events are not invitation-only. You may have an online registration for the event.

It’s a fact that all the people who register, a big part of them don’t show up. So, you should arrange the event assuming that 50% of the registered people will show up and have back plans if you see that you’re receiving more guests than you planned the event for.


You will face many challenges during event planning, so you can prepare for them if you know which are the common challenges. Take help from the above-mentioned points, plan your event, and discuss your requirements with event party rentals Rockland NY to get started.

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