What are the equipment commonly used for cutting trees?

Wide range of equipments commonly used for cutting of trees and for climbing over them is readily available in the market. Any person can buy the required tools, climb on the tree and do services like pruning without much difficulty or strain. Doing so will never make him a tree professional or enable him to start a tree trimming service. It will not make him an arborist also.

Arborists are professionals who have undergone scientific courses on matters related to tree services and have obtained certification in the matter. A certified arborist can be considered as doctor capable of diagnosing the problems faced by trees and giving them necessary treatment to come out of the difficult situation in which they are entangled.

Important tools of an tree service provider

Tree care is a potentially dangerous matter and therefore has to be handled with much care. An arborist must have expertise and experience in matters like safely climbing a tree, which saw to use for cutting branches and limbs, which rigging to use etc. He must also make sure that the cut branches and limbs safely fall in the targeted location itself.

Some of the important rigging tools are detailed below:

  • Light and heavy slings
  • Blocks and pulleys
  • Friction brakes
  • Carabiners
  • Rigging plates
  • Power pullers
  • Winches
  • Ring slings
  • Swivels
  • Cable hoists
  • Enough quantity of rope
  • Rigging thimbles

Basic equipment needed for tree service professionals

Rigging equipment: For climbing large trees and for bringing down the cut branches, and for transporting them to safe locations and for transporting heavy duty tools rigging equipment are necessary. Some of the most common rigging tools are listed below:

  • Hand saws
  • Pole saws
  • Pruners
  • Tree loppers
  • Hand pruners
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Variety of axes
  • Hatchets
  • Chainsaws

It is natural that any tree professional will need a wide range of cutting tools. Though the knowledge of an arborist is the primary and the sharpest tools used in tree services, cutting is considered as the last resort a type of repair or maintenance method. Most important cutting tools used by an arborist are listed below:

  • Hand saws
  • Pruners
  • Pole saws
  • Hand pruners
  • Tree loppers
  • A variety of axes
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Hatchets
  • Chainsaw
  • Climbing equipment

Statistics show that the cutting process is not the most dangerous part of a tree removal project. There are actual evidences to show that the climbing process is the most dangerous activity in the matter of tree cutting and removing it from the yard. You might have never heard any news about a tree cutter who has cut his leg by oversight while carrying out the cutting activity. But, no doubt, you would have heard about people falling from huge trees while trying to climb for cutting down the branches.

A good arborist will always give utmost importance to well maintained and faultless climbing equipment. This is the reason why most of the equipment one see in the bag of an aroborist is related to climbing of tree and its safety. Most of the tools used for climbing are the same as those used for rigging except the below mentioned ones:

  • Saddles
  • Helmets/hardhats
  • Work gloves to provide increased grip
  • Protective glasses/ goggles
  • Straps
  • Protective clothing
  • Spurs
  • Ascenders and descenders
  • Tales
  • Eye slings
  • First aid kit
  • More carabiners, rope and pulleys

These tools are used by certified arborists according to the need of the situation. Only people who have got proper training will be able to use some of the above-mentioned tools. By using these tools properly the tree professional are able to remove the branches and large tree limbs and prune and trim them. They are also able to remove the disease ridden trees by cutting them.

Before engaging a tree removal service or an arborist make sure that they posses all the tools mentioned above. It will be better to insist for a written itemization from the local tree service bethesda md regarding the tools that will be used  for different types of works going to be carried out. It will also be advisable to ask for proof of certification before entering into a contract with a tree removal company.

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