Why My Electric Cooktop Won’t Turn On?

Electric cooktops are popular as they are efficient cooking appliances. Unlike conventional cooktops that use gas, electric cooktops use electricity to prepare meals. As with everything, especially home appliances, there are always advantages and disadvantages. Considering electric cooktops use electricity, they can run into frustrating problems such as failing to turn on. Let’s take a look at some potential reasons and how you can fix them or if you need to have an appliance repair expert take a look at it.

The Cooktop Is In Lock Mode

The most common reason electric cooktops fail to turn is due to Lock Mode. One thing you need to keep in mind is that modern electric cooktops are smart and loaded with nifty features. Amongst them is the Lock Mode which does not allow the user to control the cooktop via the control panel.

This feature is mostly used in households where kids tend to play with the kitchen appliances. So, as a safety feature, the parents can easily lock the control panel and the unit will not be able to turn on. If your electric cooktop is in lock mode, there is going to be a light that indicates it.

To unlock your cooktop, you should press the unlock button. The process of unlocking a cooktop can be different by model and/or manufacturer. Generally, holding down the lock button for around 5 seconds will unlock it. Regardless, it is better if you consult the user manual as well.

But, if the cooktop still does not work, it might be that the control panel is faulty. This could be an issue if the cooktop is old. Such issues are rare in new units and are covered by warranty if something happens. But, if the warranty has expired, the replacement cost will be paid by you.

The Burner Has Malfunctioned

Another reason your electric cooktop might not be turning on is due to burner malfunction. Conventional gas cooktops have several rounded burners. They come in different sizes to meet the needs of the user. Whereas, electric cooktops come with a single induction area.

This induction area is located under a glass that contains the induction coils. These coils simply heat up using electricity and help the user prepare meals. If you observe that your cooktop is not turning on, it might be that the induction coils have malfunctioned or there are cracks in the glass surface.

To make sure, you will need to remove the glass to gain access and inspect the cooktop from the inside. Follow the user manual and remove the glass top. Now, examine the copper coils and wiring underneath.

If there are any signs of damage, you will need to replace them. Fortunately, buying replacement parts and replacing the induction coils on cooktops is quite easy. All you need to do is unplug the wires and harness and install the new coils or glassware while reinstalling the wires and harness as well.

Then again, keep in mind that this process may vary based on the model of the cooktop. Make sure to unplug the cooktop before you begin dismantling it.

There Is A Lack Of Power

Electric cooktops require electricity to produce an electromagnetic field. This means the unit requires a specific amount of electricity to heat up. But, if there is a lack of power, it will not heat up. This could be an irritating issue to overcome as there are a variety of reasons behind the unit not receiving enough power.

The first thing to do is make sure the power outlet is working fine. Try plugging the cooktop into another power outlet. If the cooktop turns on, it means the power outlet was faulty. However, if it doesn’t, it might be that the wires are faulty.

Inspect the wires for damages. At the same time, you should also check the circuit breaker box. Electric fluctuations can create all sorts of problems including tripping the circuit breaker and blowing the fuses. May be a fuse is burnt. You can replace the fuse and try turning on the circuit breaker to see if the cooktop turns on as well.

The Electric Cooktop Is Old

One noteworthy reason your electric cooktop is not turning on is that it has simply turned old. Electric cooktops like other household appliances tend to come with a limited lifespan. This means that regardless of the maintenance, your electric cooktop is going to need replacement.

However, this does not mean that you should ignore maintenance. The thing is electric cooktops comprise several different components. With time, wear and tear weakens the components and there comes a point where repairs and replacements won’t suffice. You will simply need to purchase a new unit.

This aspect must be kept in mind for any household or commercial appliance. Even if your commercial appliance is malfunctioning and old, you should get it inspected by a commercial appliance repair Northern VA service to find out if it can be repaired or should you consider investing in a new appliance.

Additional Electric Cooktop Problems

One Or More Burners Don’t Heat Evenly

If your electric cooktop comes with multiple copper coils and one or more burners do not heat evenly, it means there is either a problem with the heating element or the internal thermostat. To fix the issue, you can contact the manufacturer if the cooktop is under warranty. If not, contact a licensed cooktop expert.

However, if your electric cooktop is under warranty, you can claim it. Bad heating elements and thermostats can also cause burners to heat unevenly. At the same time, users should know that electric cooktops require a special type of cookware.

You cannot use the regular dishware you do for conventional gas cooktops. This can damage the electric cooktop and lead to repairs that may be costly. If you are not aware of which type to buy, you should consult the user manual or an expert. It is better to be safe than sorry.

The Cooktop Is Not Maintained

Maintenance is key to a smooth-running electric cooktop. Just like other kitchen appliances, electric cooktops require maintenance as well. However, there is a misconception surrounding electric cooktops that they do not require professional maintenance, as they do not use gas.

One thing you should keep in mind is that it is not about the source of energy but the food residue that can lead to complications. That said spillages, overflowing, and leftovers can make it difficult for the electric cooktop to function normally.

To avoid such issues, you must perform regular inspections and maintenance. In addition to that, you should also hire an expert for the inspection and cleaning of your cooktop. This might come off as an expense but is an investment considering you get to keep future problems at bay.


The above-mentioned are the common causes of an electric cooktop not turning on. If you find the issue difficult to solve, you should hire a cooktops repair Alexandria service to repair your electric cooktop. Furthermore, make sure to keep the tips mentioned above in mind and get your cooktop maintained by a professional. Although electric cooktops can give up without any warning sometimes, keeping them in perfect running condition will help avoid complications down the road.

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