10 Most Interesting Orthopedics Facts

Orthopedics is a vast field. The orthopedic doctors specialize in treating and preventing bone problems from all parts of the body and for all ages. There are many interesting facts about the orthopedics field and the orthopedic doctors which people generally do not know about.

Orthopedic doctor

  1. The term orthopedics is derived from 2 Greek words, ‘ethos’ and ‘podia’, which means which means ‘straight’ and ‘rearing of children’ respectively. The early local orthopedic doctors mainly used to treat children with legs, bones, spine and limb abnormalities but now this field has evolved into the most important field of medicine.
  2. Even the field of orthopedics has many branches. Some doctors opt for general orthopedic surgeons who treat all the bones in the body, some opt for specialized orthopedic doctors whose expertise is mainly to treat one part of the body while some become general consultants and do not perform surgeries and guide you in procedure and medication which are the local orthopedic doctors.
  3. The earliest illustration of the orthopedic medicine was to teach the staff and students to straighten a tree. The symbol of a tree tied with a rope is used to define the orthopedic industry. This illustration was used to explain that the bones of the human body are as hard as the wood of the tree and it will need specialized care and surgery to straighten it.
  4. Worldwide, the profession of orthopedics is associated with surgeries but you will be shocked to know that doing a surgery is last on the list of an orthopedic surgeon. Medications and physiotherapy come before surgeries and the orthopedic doctors try to heal the injury or cure the pain and problem through nonsurgical procedures and treatments. The surgery is the last resort.
  5. Orthopedic surgeons not only treat broken bones and joints but also help athletics in improving their physical performance, physiotherapy treatments, and massages to reduce pains and also electrical treatments.
  6. The clinic or office of an orthopedic surgeon looks like that of an auto repair mechanic or workshop with different kinds of tools and equipment. That is the reason that patients are not allowed to enter as then they will be scared. But you do not need to worry as all the tools and equipment are specially made for the orthopedic surgeons and all are sterilized. Proper training is given to the doctor before he becomes an orthopedic surgeon.
  7. Most of the orthopedic surgeons or doctors are the age of 40 or above. You will be surprised to know that there are only 15% of orthopedic surgeons who are below the age of 40.
  8. In a survey, it was concluded that an orthopedic surgeon performs 28 surgeries on average every month, while the specialist orthopedic surgeons perform around 33 surgeries every month. This is quite a high rate.
  9. The orthopedic field is the highest paying field nowadays, due to more and more people having weaker bones and bone deformities.
  10. Most of the patients of a local orthopedic clinic Mclean, VA are women as women have a deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D and most women get arthritis and osteoporosis after the age of 40.
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