How to find out the best abortion center?

Choosing a good doctor or a good clinic for medical abortion is very important as the quality of care and medical facilities widely vary from doctor to doctor and clinic to clinic. It is for sure that a quality centre for abortion will be able to satisfy your physical as well as emotional needs at one of the most crucial periods in your life. I am going to furnish some guidelines following which you can make sure that you get a qualified abortion doctor who can give you comfort, care, and the respect you deserve.

Find good clinic  for abortion

You can always ask for a referral from your family friend, or health service near you for a referral. Ask a family member or a close friend with whom you feel comfortable for a good referral as they may be aware some good clinics or doctors in your area.

Visit the abortion clinic

Next step in selecting a good doctor or a clinic is to visit the clinic you have found out by following the method above. You can understand directly what are the types of abortions being carried out there? You can also verify the applicability of the state laws for the services rendered by them.

Find out the type of abortion

Find out which type of abortion, surgical abortion or medical abortion? Though a surgical abortion takes only a few minutes when a quality provider carries out abortion, it may take several hours. They study the medical history, give proper counselling to the patient and conduct proper lab test before the commencement of the abortion procedure. The patient gets enough time and opportunity for relaxation before the procedure. Ample recovery time is given to the patient and during this time proper counselling and instructions are given. Surgical abortion is not generally carried out before six weeks of gestation.

Medical abortion is carried out in the early stage of abortion say up to six weeks of gestation.
They can be provided up to 8-9 weeks of gestation. This is often done with the help of pills. Follow up visit is necessary in case of medical abortion. Such visits are not charged by good doctors who carry out medical termination of pregnancy.

When you a short listed hospital you can ask them what are the types of abortions offered in that centre. Whether they offer both medical and surgical abortion or not? How long the procedure will take? How long the patient will be allowed to stay in the recovery area after the completion of the abortion procedure. Will they provide a 24 hour number for calling in case of any emergency? Who will be allowed in the room and whether nurse will be present in the room? Whether the spouse will be allowed in the room?

Quality abortion

Quality counselling is one of the basic needs of quality medical abortion. Quality counselling can clear all the doubts and fears of the patient and give her a clear and safe feeling about the procedure and its outcome. Good abortion doctors will be interested in informing the patient about the possibility of inserting an intrauterine device for easy birth control along with abortion procedure.

Pain management

Patients who undergo abortion in a good abortion center or under the supervision of a good doctor often feel less cramping during the process. Some doctors may give general anaesthesia while others give sedation and pain relievers. Discuss this matter with your provider and make sure that you get what you prefer.


The patient should be getting the best services and facilities and at the same time fee should not be too high. Find which doctor or clinic is providing the above requirement before fixing the centre of abortion doctor needed for you. These things can be understood by visiting the hospital site or by contacting the customer care services or by directly visiting the hospital.

Choose the more comfortable one

In addition to the expertise of the doctors and the feedbacks about the hospitals, another important thing which makes one to decide while selecting a hospital for abortion DR is the service mentality shown by the nursing staff and other employees of the hospital. Considering all these aspects finalize the one which has given indelible marks in your mind.

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