Can sleep disorder cause seizures?

They find it difficult to maintain healthy sleep for sufficient time. A person who has epilepsy may be affected even more as a result of sleep disorders. Doctors in sleep study center have found link between seizures and sleep disorders. They have also found out that some particular stages of sleep are more likely to produce seizures than other stages. I have seen some people who always feel tired. When I delved deep into their problem, the real culprit slowly started coming out. It was the patient’s inability to get sound sleep during night. Some people keep on tossing and turning and struggling to get sleep.

Sleep study center explained

A sudden change in actions, awareness or feelings that are not under your control can be considered as seizures. Seizures show that something has happened to the electrical system in your body and that has changed the way in which your brain was controlling the body. A person usually shows some of these signs like uncontrollable shaking, fall out and shake, sudden muscle jerks etc. Lack of sleep and disturbed sleep are the factors that cause symptoms of seizures.  A warm bath taken before bed can give you sound sleep and this can help in avoiding seizures also.

Sleep and seizures

Sleep can affect seizure and the seizure can affect sleep. Both are also true. Usually people experience seizures in the morning soon after they get awake. Some others experience seizures while they are asleep and they never know that such a thing has happened. They only know that sometimes they wake up with bitten tongues and aching muscles.

Sleep explained

Brain’s work changes periodically or in special ways.  At times these changes can induce seizures in some people.  Doctors have classified sleep into different categories. In one sleep pattern our eyes dart to and fro with eyelids remaining closed.  It is called rapid eye movement sleep (REM). Epileptic patients are less likely to have seizures during this stage of sleep. Another type of sleep is there which is considered as deeper. People who experience fixtures during sleep are more likely to have them when they are under deep sleep.

Sleep Disorder Treatment options

Most people with epilepsy will be taking medicines from sleep study center to prevent seizures. If they experience seizures at night doctors may change the dosage. A higher dosage may make the patient sleepier making it difficult to perform daily tasks.  It is better to try some exercises at bedtime or hear some relaxing music that can help one get relaxed and slowly get asleep.

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