How Do You Prepare For Car Window Tinting

Tinting your car windows can protect you from the UV rays of the sun that can affect your skin and the car’s interior. After deciding that you want to install auto glass tinting, you take the steps to prepare your car for the process. It’s critical for your investment because an unprepared car will result in improper installation of tints regardless of the expertise of the installer.

Replace The Window Glass If Needed

High-quality car window tints can last up to 5-10 years. As the tints are durable and long-lasting, you should install them on windows that are flawless and free of chips and cracks. Because once you’ve installed the tints, you can’t replace the glass and if you do, you’ll need tint installation again.

Therefore, inspect the glass of your car’s windows and make sure that they are clear of chips and cracks. If you notice damaged glass, have it replaced before proceeding with window tinting.

Clean Your Car

The car window tint installation should be done in a clean environment because even if dust is floating in the air during the process, some of it can stick to the windows and tints and get sandwiched between them.

If there is enough dust between the window and the tint film, you might notice bubbles on the tint or the tint peeling off sooner because the dust will weaken the bond of the adhesive.

Reputable car window tint shops keep the tint installation area as clean as possible, but if the car is dirty, the dust particles will float in the air when the installers open or close the car.

It’s worth mentioning that tint installers clean the car windows before installing the tints, but the dust from the car can still affect the process. Therefore, get your car cleaned and detailed before the tint installation.

Clean Your Car Windows And Remove Any Stickers

Even though tint installers clean the car windows and dry them before the tint film application, you should not avoid cleaning the windows. Moreover, some car detailers can miss cleaning the inside of the windows when detailing because they give more attention to the seats and other things.

Moreover, car detailers may not remove stickers and static clings on the windows if not instructed. You can let them know to perform the task or do it yourself. When DIYing, make sure you don’t use a sharp object because it could scratch the window. If the sticker leaves a residue, clean it with soapy water.

Be Familiar With The Tinting Laws Of Your State

People have their preferences when it comes to the tinting percentage, but before deciding on a tinting shade, make sure that the percentage is allowed in your state.

Determining it is simple because you can search online or ask the retailer or the tint installer about the tinting laws in the state and then decide on the tinting shade in light of the new information.

Remove Items From The Inside Of The Car

When tints are applied from the inside, the installer has to be in the car. If there are items are the owners, they will have to remove them before carrying out the job. The items may leave dust particles which can cause problems.

Therefore, when going for a tinting appointment, make sure to leave all the items in the house or any other place before arriving at the shop. The installer will respect you for making this effort and this also prevents dust from sabotaging the installation process.

Choose The Tint Type And Quality

With many types of tint films and qualities, it may be confusing for some to select the best one. Let your installer help you with the process.

Determine the cost of different tint films and their benefits. Choosing a low-quality tint will save you money but it will fade or peel off quickly while a high-quality tint can last for 5-10 years if maintained well.


Preparing your car before the car window tinting appointment will ensure flawless installation given that the installer also does a good job. Moreover, removing items from the car before leaving it to the installer can reduce the time taken for installation. Find window tint shops Springfield that have professional workers who perform perfect tint installations.

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