Top 6 Facts You Don’t Know About Mercedes

If you ask any Mercedes Benz specialist for the great things that it has to offer – the first thing you will be told about Mercedes is that it has been considered the synonym of luxury and class for many years now.

Know about Mercedes vehicles

In this article, we are talking about some of the most amazing facts about Mercedes Benz that are not most widely known about it.

Fact # 1

Mercedes Benz is one of the highest quality and luxury car brands of the world. This is a known fact. What you do not know is that Mercedes Benz was named the top luxury auto vehicle brand of the year consistently for 10 years in a row. Now that is a record which is hard to beat!

Fact # 2

Every year people spend more than 10,000+ US dollars only for the Mercedes Benz service repair. Not this is a big shocking fact for most of us but then of course affording a recent model Mercedes is just as equally unimaginable for us too. Anyone who can afford a recent model Mercedes can well as well afford to pay for such high maintenance and expensive Mercedes Benz service repair too.

Fact # 3

The history of Mercedes goes a lot deeper back into times than you would expect.  IT is hard to believe that this luxury auto vehicle company has been around for almost more than a century now. It was even around and widely in use during the times of the Second World War. The majority of cars that were used by officers during the war time were in fact Mercedes.

Fact # 4

Mercedes holds the credit to be the first ever auto vehicle company that produced cars that run on engines consuming fossil fuel. This was a great invention and amalgamation of technology into the craft of auto vehicles. This brought a great revolution in the world of auto vehicles and engine fuels.

Fact # 5

The bumper design of Mercedes has been the same ever since day 1. This is what has not been observed much by the audiences but this is one of the commonest fact and most creative thing about the Mercedes vehicles. Although there have been millions of cars over the years and decades that have come out of the brand but the bumper for all cars – despite the car modifications – remains to be the same.

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If you want to become a Mercedes Benz specialist or car expert – this could be like a dream job. You will have the chance to check out and work with your and on your favorite car all the time. There is nothing better to have the best model Mercedes cars right on your fingertips! But what you need to know is that to become a Mercedes Benz specialist you have to be eligible for the post. Eligibility criteria is to pass an exam that is set every few months or once in a year by the company itself.

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