What Is Carbon Car Window Tint? Is This Type Of Window Tint Better?

There are lots of options you can choose from when looking for auto window tinting. Having so many options of anything can prove to be a headache for anyone, that’s why we’ve prepared a brief guide to help you choose the right windows tints for your car.

Window tints are very useful when it comes to flicking the sun’s harmful UV rays and keeping you and the interior of your car safe from the damages of this radiation. If chosen correctly, these tints can also improve the appearance of your car. Another great benefit of car window tints, especially for people living in hot climates is that the tints help keep the interior of their car cool when the vehicle is parked outside.

However, not every window tint is made equal, and it can be hard for anyone to find a good quality window tint. Here are some of the types of car window tints.

Different Types Of Car Window Tints

Understanding different types of car tints available can help you narrow down your choices. This will help you analyze all the types and choose the best one of them all.

There are two basic categories for car window films.

  • Non-Reflective Film
  • Metalized Film

Non-reflective film helps control the glare and heat coming in your vehicle while under the sun. Dyed films are very common in this category. These films have better glare control. However, dyed films might not be the best ones in terms of heat control, especially when they’re compared to metalized films.

On the other hand, metalized films provide better heat management. They reflect most of the heat energy coming from the sun and help keep your car’s interior cool. On top of that, these films also provide more privacy. However, metalized films aren’t legal in many states.

In many cases in which reflective tinting isn’t allowed, non-reflective tinting is used as an alternative. The reason why reflective tints are usually illegal is because they can interfere with navigational equipment like radars and GPS.

Different Materials Used In Auto Window Tints

In addition to the above-mentioned types of tints, they are also classified depending on the type of materials used in their making. When it comes to car window tints, there are three materials used to make them.

  • Dyed Film
  • Carbon Film
  • Ceramic Film

Dyed films are the cheapest option of these three available options, and they have the tendency to need a replacement very soon as well.

Carbon films are very strong, and can last for a long period of time. But these films can cause problems with haze and glaring.

Ceramic films minimize the problems in both the above-mentioned types of films, but they can fade quickly because of oxidation.

By taking a look at all the three materials types. It can be deduced that carbon films are the perfect balance between affordability and durability.

Different Features Of Auto Window Films

To make the best decision between different types of car window tints, you should take a look at different types of those films. You can narrow down your research based on various different features available with these tints in the market. Here are some of the features you might want to consider.

Color stability is one of the most important things you should look at when choosing a car window tint. That’s because when you’re investing in them, you’ll want to make sure that their color holds up through the years. So, choose window tints with high color accuracy and durable materials.

Shade is another important factor. It is the actual color of the window tint you’re buying. When choosing a shade for your window tints, check your state laws as some states ban the use of certain shade colors. Shades also affect the overall outlook of your vehicle, so, choose the shades wisely.

The amount of solar control the tints have also matters a lot. Good solar controlling tints will help in keeping your car’s interior cool. Overheated car interior isn’t good for the longevity of the materials in your car, and for your health either.


This is how you can choose the best car windows tints for your vehicle. Moreover, go to reliable window tint shops Springfield to get high quality tint films.

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