6 Common Questions About Color Correction

When women get their hair color corrected, there is an ocean of questions in their minds before they go to hair salons specializing in color. How to make the color last long? Will color damage your hair? How to keep the hair nice and soft even after coloring? All of your burning questions will be answered.

Do I Need Color Correction?

Say you went to a hair salon to get your hair blonde, but it turns out to be orange and brassy? Well, that is a nightmare in itself, right? What you can do to correct the color to make it look blonde is to go for color correction. It is basically fine tuning of the color to make it match your dream hair color. This problem arises when you go for a drastic hair color change. Say you have dark hair and you want to completely lighten it or the other way around.

You will need to go to the salon a couple of times to get the color corrected. So, to answer the question about who needs a color correction, if your hair doesn’t look what it’s supposed to look like at the end of the color change, then you need to correct it.

What To Do Before A Hair Color Correction Appointment?

What really helps a stylist before you go into the salon for a color correction is to make sure you have already washed your hair and don’t have any product in your hair, not even conditioner. Also, when washing your hair, go for a toning or purple shampoo because it will also gradually tone and fine tune your hair color.

How To Do Color Correction On Light Hair?

When you go for a blonde color change, the first results will look like a nightmare. It will be yellow and orange and brassy and completely not what you were expecting. This is where you need to get the color toned and corrected. The stylist will help you in this case and you need to make several appointments to the salon in order to get your hair looking beautifully blonde.

Is Dark Hair Hard To Be Corrected?

The same goes for darker hair. If you are going from a lighter color to a darker color, then you will see reddish undertones under your dark hair color. This also needs to be corrected. A difference toner is applied which helps to eliminate the red or brown undertones of your hair and make it look darker and uniform in color.

Using a brunette shampoo on an everyday basis will also eliminate the red tones of color from your hair and your hair will gradually darken over time.

What Does A Color Correction Process Cost?

Color correction is an expensive hair coloring treatment. It is done in several appointments and not in one sitting. It is an expensive process which can cost from anywhere between $100 to $500. But the end results are totally worth the splurge. You need to be ready to bite the bullet when you go for a color correction but these are the things which come along with changing your hair color.

The most important thing is to go for a professional so that the money you are paying doesn’t go wasted and the results are exactly what you expected.

What To Expect In A Color Correction Treatment?

Well, color correction will damage your hair, there is no doubt about that, but that doesn’t mean nothing can be done to make your hair soft, shiny, and smooth again. The process of color correction involves a lot of toning, dyeing, washing, and drying, until you reach the desired color you are looking for.

You can also request for a hair nourishment treatment afterwards, this will help your hair to feel rejuvenated and your hair won’t feel stripped of its moisture and the ends of your hair will also look very hydrated, shiny, bouncy, soft, and healthy.


Hair coloring correction can take a toll on your hair, if you don’t take care of it properly. Which is why you need the answers to these questions from the hair color correction specialist Rockville to ensure that your color stays on point and your hair isn’t damaged.

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