What should you know before getting a keratin treatment?

For a number of people, getting strands that are not frizzy and easier to manage is like an unfulfilled dream. This is something that women think a lot about, especially during a rainy season when the humidity level is too high.

Previously, techniques like Japanese hair straightening have remained quite popular. Lately, however, keratin treatments have started trending all over again.

According to most industry professionals, keratin treatments are indeed making a big comeback despite all the rumors and misconceptions about them. In general, people are hesitant to try it out because of weird rumors. For instance, many people consider it to be too harsh for the hair/scalp while others think that it uses toxic chemicals. However, none of these rumors are true.

It is certainly true that when the treatments initially started, the chemicals that were used were quite aggressive in nature. However, brands have now developed a number of low-level chemicals. This has improved the overall quality of the treatment.

However, cheaper treatments can still produce unwanted results such as fading of hair color. Hence, it is always recommended to reach out to a legitimate keratin hair specialist only.

What is a keratin treatment?

Keratin makes the structure of the skin and hair. In a keratin treatment, chemicals are used to increase the quality and smoothness of hair.

While keratin treatment is not natural, it is certainly safe if done properly and with high-quality products.

Who should get a keratin treatment?

Ladies who have frizzy and overly curly hair are the perfect candidates for a keratin treatment. After the treatment, the overall volume of the hair will reduce and the curls will get tamed. As a result of this, the blow-dry time will be reduced significantly.

If done right, the overall quality and texture of the hair will also improve.

Who should not get a keratin hair treatment?

Pregnant women and those that have compromised hair should not go for a keratin treatment. Moreover, people who are allergic to chemical processes including color and dyes should avoid a keratin hair treatment.

What do you need to know before getting a keratin treatment?

A keratin treatment is not a long term process. Usually, a treatment will last anywhere from three to six months if done correctly. In some cases, it may last for as long as 8 months. However, the effects will begin to wear off after about 4-5 months.

As a result of this, experts do not recommend getting a keratin treatment more than two times in a year.

This is because keratin treatment will not alter the natural growing state of your hair. Hence, your hair will continue to grow naturally. However, the treated hair will be much smoother as compared to the new incoming hair.

Top keratin treatment brands

There are a number of keratin treatment brands, that include the following:

  • Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment
  • Global Keratin GK
  • Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment
  • Lasio

Overall, however, the effects of the treatment will be similar regardless of the brand.

Is there a difference between Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment?

Both keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout are similar in nature, as both are used to smoothen the hair. However, the effects of keratin treatment are considered to be stronger and they last relatively long. Before visiting a keratin treatment salon Potomac, know that this treatment is often preferred for over curly and thick hair with great volume.

What should you ask your consultant?

The first thing that you should ask your consultant is that whether your hair are prone to getting damaged. In case they are, then keratin treatment is not for you. Moreover, keratin treatment can further damage hair that are already compromised.

Moreover, ask for a quote or an expected budget for the treatment, including any unexpected/hidden costs. This is because different salons will have different prices.

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