Pros And Cons Of Synthetic Hair Extensions

Are you planning to boost your hair thickness and volume by visiting the hair extension salon near me? If yes, then you must go and get it done as it has become a major fashion trend these days. But do your homework before you go. Read ahead to find out about the prominent pros and cons of synthetic hair extensions as they are the commoner type.

Pros of Synthetic Hair Extensions

If you are planning to visit the hair extension salon near me to get new extensions for your hair – you should well be aware of the many advantages that synthetic hair extensions have to offer to you. Knowing the perks will definitely make choice easier for you when you visit any hair extensions salon to get them clipped in.

  1. They Are Affordable

One of the biggest reason why you will be happier to get the synthetic hair extensions instead of the human or natural ones at the hair extensions salon is because of its price. The cost is very affordable. If you compare the cost of the synthetic ones in comparison to the real-like human hair ones; you will notice a significant amount of difference.

  1. They Add More Instant Volume to Hair

Another very evident benefit of synthetic hair extensions is that they add a lot more instant volume to your hair than other types. This is because synthetic hair extensions that you get at the hair extension salon near me are mostly made of acrylic or polyester. Hence, they are built to make your hair look thicker and fuller.

  1. They Are Easily Available

Another very evident benefit of synthetic hair extensions is that they are very easily available. You can find it in any salon or even get them in the local retail markets.

Cons of Synthetic Hair Extensions

Like almost every other thing in this world, synthetic hair extensions also do not come without drawbacks. There are many things about the synthetic hair extensions that are letdowns. Let’s take a look at them below.

  1. They Are Far Looking Than Realistic

One of the most obvious letdown features of synthetic hair extensions is that they are very fake looking. You can’t expect something that is so fake or artificial to give you a real look. Hence, the synthetic hair extensions fail baldy in this regard as well.

  1. Synthetic Hair Extensions Are Less Durable

As imaginable, synthetic hair extensions are much less durable because of being fake and polyester or acrylic made. So, these materials have a lifespan which is rather short term. On the contrary, human hair extensions are much longer lasting – almost lasting for up to 10 years in the least.

  1. They Are Not Dye-Prone

Any good hair extensions salon Potomac will be able to dye the hair extensions to match your natural hair color but it is important to remember that only human hair extensions can be dyed as per preference. The synthetic ones are made of plastic and hence cannot be treated to look any other way.

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