What Is Hair Smoothing? What Are The Best Hair Smoothing Treatments?

Hair smoothing is very much similar to hair straightening and both seem to be cater-cousins, but there is still a fine line between the two if you ask a hair straightening salon. There’s a lot of things people got to know about hair smoothing, there is a lot that needs to be unraveled.

The Crux!

Hair smoothing is basically a treatment that includes formaldehyde as a prerequisite, and it tends to smoothen your hair in next to no time. It is just a chemical process that drenches your hair strands, and later on the stylist forces a flatiron upon them to finish the process.

Hair smoothing treatment is sure to free your hair from frizzes and tangles; your hair is meant to look tremendously straight after going through this process — albeit it cannot look pin-straight just the way it looks when it goes through straightening. Take a note — the result of straightening and smoothing varies greatly.

Several Types Of Hair Smoothing Treatments At A Salon


You can blow-dry your hair to make them look non-frizzy and untwined. It’s quite an easy option and totally worth considering if you direly need a hair treatment. Note to yourself, the results cannot exist more than a day. Your hair will stay cool and frizz-free until your next shower.


Straightening can be done by various methods, but the one that involves a flat-iron does not last longer than a day, 24 hours is the maximum it can survive. It is for sure a reliable tool to have straight and pretty hair for a short-lived time.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is something we all are familiar with. It has become a household term and every other person with little knowledge about hair and stuff is easily able to identify with keratin. As it is a no-brainer, the effects of keratin hair straightening are also not ever-lasting — we can expect them to last for 3 months at best.

Traditional Relaxers

Traditional hair relaxers also provide you with a thorough solution for tight curls and super frizzy hair. The result these relaxers give is unbelievably good, and it is sure to stay for 4-6 months. If you opt for traditional relaxers, you can save yourself from one hell lot of touch-ups and redo’s. Visiting the salon twice a year would do for you.

Creams Used For Hair Straightening

In some salons, after blow-drying your hair, they apply a certain cream on it which is left for 30 minutes to be fully immersed. Afterwards, they run a flat-iron on your hair and then a neutral cream gets applied on the same hair in next to no time. This cream takes its due time to engross into your hair and it eventually gets washed off.

Several Types Of Hair Smoothing Treatments At Home

Banana Mask

Even if you eat bananas every day, your hair is likely to benefit from the intake. And, if you are particularly concerned about something like a hair mask that helps you straighten your locks in a reasonable time, then here’s all you need to have:

  • Banana
  • Curd
  • Olive oil

Mix all three ingredients and make a paste with a reasonable consistency, store this mixture once you make it, apply it on your hair twice or thrice a week, and eureka!

PS: Do not forget to wash your hair 20 minutes after the application of the mask.

Hot Oil Treatment

It’s better if you get a spoonful of oil (any oil) heated before you apply it onto your scalp. You got to be careful regarding the temperature at which you’re heating it. It shouldn’t be too hot to burn your scalp. Gently massage this slightly hot oil into the roots of your hair every night before going to sleep, and you’ll see the change in a couple of weeks.

Mayonnaise Mask

Mayonnaise? You must be surprised to see this ingredient reading the list. This kitchen ingredient contains amino acids and antioxidants which is why we’re recommending you a hair mask made of mayonnaise. Here’s the key ingredients you must include in your mask:

  • ⅕ cup of mayonnaise
  • ⅕ avocado (mashed)

Mix these ingredients and apply the mask on your hair strands, and let it rest for 60 minutes. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo.

If home treatments aren’t good for you, visit any keratin treatment salon Potomac for hair straightening or hair smoothing treatments.

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