Brazilian Blowout vs Keratin

Before you get any hair treatment, make sure that you book a consultation session at a Brazilian blowout salon or keratin treatment salon. There are others salons also. If you are confused between the two treatments, a detailed comparison between them can help you make your mind.

Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian blowout is basically a brand name. It smoothens your hair using its own specialized chemical makeup. It is, in fact, a smoothing treatment and uses a plant-based amino acid as its active ingredient in the smoothing process. In a Brazilian blowout salon, the stylist will use a protein coating on your hair which will reduce the volume and bulk, and will loosen the curls also. It is a great alternative to permanent hair straightening. Because you will have the freedom to choose how much you want to reduce the volume. You can just choose to reduce the frizz while not straightening the hair. This is not something which you can choose with permanent straightening.

It does not damage the hair follicles. In a Brazilian blowout salon, your stylist will first wash your hair and dry it so that it can absorb the protein better. After that, he will use a flat iron to reduce the curls and frizz.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is almost similar to the Brazilian Blowout. In this process, the product is applied to your hair and covered with a cap for roughly 30 minutes. Your stylist will then wash your hair and dry it.

Keratin treatment salon works differently than a Brazilian blowout salon. Although these two treatments are much similar, their after effects are a little different. After getting a keratin treatment, your hair will be repaired of any damage. This treatment is healthy for your hair. If you provide the right and proper care you can prolong your treatment.

Commonalities in Both Treatments

  1. After both the treatments, your hair will appear straight and shiny. Neither of these treatments is permanent like Japanese hair straightening. Since they are not permanent, they are less damaging as compared to permanent ones. They do not permanently change the structure of your hair. These treatments only loosen the bonds of your hair so that they can relax. If you have curly or frizzy hair, you can reduce the volume and make your hair straight. These treatments will wash away with time and your natural texture will come back.
  2. In a Brazilian blowout Salon and keratin treatment salon, the stylist will use a protein layer on your hair which will smooth the cuticles. With both the treatments you have to wash your hair less frequently. Since the protein is applied to your hair to make them straight and less voluminous, it can wash away every time you take a bath. You have to use dry shampoo when you are not washing your hair. You also need to use sulfate free shampoo after getting either of the treatments, and you cannot use a clarifying shampoo.

Differences in Both Treatments

  1. As much as they are similar, there are still some differences between both the treatments. The keratin treatment will create a much straight and sleek look as compared to Brazilian blowout. If your hair is very curly and overly voluminous, then keratin is your best option. After the treatment, your hair will be very easy to manage.
  2. They also differ in their procedure; keratin treatment will require almost 3 hours while Brazilian blowout will require only 1 or 2 hours. The end result is also different in both the treatments. After the keratin treatment, your hair will be much smoother and straighter in appearance. But after a Brazilian blowout, your hair will not be as smooth as they will be after keratin. In other words, Brazilian blowout is a lighter option for frizzy hair.
  3. A Brazilian blowout is much convenient for you because it can give instant results as compared to a keratin treatment. The Brazilian blowout treatment is visible just as you leave the salon. But after a keratin treatment, you have to wait almost 72 hours for the treatment to settle in.
  4. If you do not have much time for the treatment, you cannot go to a keratin treatment salon rockville md. If you do not have overly frizzy hair then the Brazilian blowout is the best option. Keratin is best for more curly and frizzy hair.
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