6 Things That Can Damage Hair Extensions

It’s always fancy to get shinier and silkier human hair extensions clipped in your hair. But, do you realize that they need more of your attention than your natural hair?

Human hair extensions have already finished growing. So, you got to take care of their nourishment and hydration yourself now. You never know single negligence, and all the shine and moisture is gone. Therefore, looking after your hair is better.

So, here’s the list of things that can damage your hair extensions. And I’ve also mentioned how you can combat them.

Air Pollution

Even your natural hair is not safe from air pollution. The hazardous particles in the air get clogged in your hair cuticles and cause damage to them. For hair extensions, natural and synthetic extensions, air pollution is even more damaging as they have no protection system.

The smog, car exhaust, and even cigarette smoke damage your hair extensions, causing them to fade and break away.  You cannot recover from the damage; ultimately, you have to replace your expensive hair extensions.

Therefore, it is good to give up smoking while wearing your extensions. And if you stay out a lot, cover your hair and wash them frequently.

Frequent Washing

Opposite to the fact I have just mentioned above, frequent washing damages your hair extensions. And what I said that “you should wash frequently” is only in case when you get a lot of residue build-up.

With that said, if you think that you got to wash your hair extensions just like your natural hair, you’re wrong. Human hair extensions are already healthy, smooth, and shiny. And washing your hair extensions will only take away their moisture and gloss. Also, as they’re not dependent on your diet, they’ll start getting thin if you over-wash them.

Blow Drying

Yes, it is true; your hair extensions must be dried before you put them back on. Or otherwise, you might get bacteria and mold in your extensions. Disgustingly scary, right?

So, drying them is good. But the real thing is you should know the proper drying method for your hair extension, which is absolutely not blow-drying.

Blow drying will take away your extensions’ moisture and will make them look dull and dry. Plus, there’s no way you can hydrate those extensions again. Therefore, better left your hair extensions on a towel to air-dry overnight.


Let’s settle on this word named “balance.” You don’t have to wash your hair too often, also don’t just leave them under-washed. Maintain a proper, balanced washing schedule. You can also know when to wash if you know your hair extension type.

But, one thing is for sure. If there is chemical, product, and residue build-up, you have to wash your hair. No matter if your greasy hair extensions are demanding a hair wash three times a week, you have to do it. Or else you’ll end up damaging your hair. Dirty hair is more prone to breakage and split ends than clean hair. So, you got no choice other than to wash.

Harsh Products

There’s this myth that letting your extensions touch water is welcoming hair damage. But, it’s not the water. It’s the harsh products you use with water. Some products strip off the natural oil and moisture from your hair. Therefore, it is recommended to use shampoos and other products that are sulfate and phosphate-free.

Moreover, using a blow dryer also counts in harsh hair products. Even a hard comb can damage your soft, porous hair extensions. So, better use a wide-tooth comb and hold them in your hands while brushing your hair extensions. So, you might not damage them.

Not Taking Them Off

Did anyone tell you that you have to remove your hair extensions while you’re sleeping or at the gym? They are only for adding a temporary volume to your hair. And when you stretch or toss your hair while sleeping, you’re putting tension on the clips. Eventually, your extensions might break.

Therefore, it is better to take off your hair extensions before sleeping and putting them separately in a box. Make sure you store them separately arranged or else your hair extensions can get entangled. Moreover, get hair extensions in salon Potomac to avoid damage to your natural hair.

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