6 Winter Hair Care Tips

It’s officially winter and even though the cold and chilly weather may seem pleasant, it can take a toll on your hair. Whether you dye your hair or pay frequent visits to a hair straightening salon, here are some tips which you can use to keep your hair shiny and healthy even in the dead cold of winter.

Oil Your Hair

Just like your skin needs moisture from the cold wind, your hair is no different either. If you want healthy, smooth, and shiny hair in the colder months too, then you need to nourish your hair from the inside out and the best way to do it is to oil your hair regularly. Your scalp is like your skin too and it will only grow healthy hair if the roots are moisturized. If you have dandruff and a dry scalp, then your hair won’t be as healthy either.

So, it’s a good idea to oil your hair, at least once a week, if not more. Oils like olive and argan are the best options for your hair because they are highly conditioned and promote healthy hair growth.

Avoid Hot Water

This is another important tip. Although you might want to use hot water for the rest of your body, not for your hair. Hot water can strip the moisture and natural oils from your hair and it can make it look frizzy and extremely dry. If you can, try to wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water, in order to make it shiny and healthy.

Say No To Heat Styling

Winter is not a time to break out the hair styling tools. You want to use as less heat on your hair as possible because too much heat will make your hair frizzy and extremely dry, which is the complete opposite of what you want for your hair in this dry and cold weather.

Try to give your hair a break from all the heat use and manipulation. Try to go with natural or heatless hair styling techniques, so that you don’t impart any more damage to your hair than necessary.

Let Your Hair Dry

If you’re in a hurry and want to walk out in the freezing cold wind with wet hair, then this is not a good idea at all. You shouldn’t let your hair be wet if you’re going somewhere out in the freezing cold. Not only will it make you feel extra chilly but it’s not good for overall hair health either.

This makes the hair extremely brittle, weak, and damaged. You will experience more frizz and unruliness in your hair and it will be hard to brush out the tangles afterward too. So, try to dry your hair completely before stepping out of the house.

Use A Leave-In Conditioner

Conditioning is very important for your hair, especially during the dry and cold winter months. Try to use a leave-in conditioner after you wash your hair. This is going to lock all of the moisture in your hair and it will make brushing a lot easier too.

You can also use hair masks and deep conditioning treatments in your hair, at least once a week, to make sure that your hair remains smooth, healthy, and free from frizz and dryness. This will make a world of a difference in how your hair looks.

Less Is More

This tip is usually neglected, but if you want healthy and smooth hair, then you need to make sure that you’re following this amazing and useful tip. Try to limit washing your hair. If you wash your hair every day, then it’s not a good thing and your hair will be extremely dry and full of frizz.

During the winter, make sure that you are washing your hair only once or twice a week. This is going to ensure that your hair remains soft and shiny and doesn’t get stripped of its natural oils and moisture, which could lead to damage.


There you have it! Your hair needs some love and protection from the dry and cold wind too and these tips will condition your hair from the inside out and you won’t be left with a frizzy and dry mess. To avoid the use of a flat-iron, go to a Brazilian keratin salon Potomac for semi-permanent hair straightening that may last the whole winter season.

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