Everything About Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Long hair or short hair, it’s very hard to decide and stick to a decision. But you don’t need to commit to anything now since the solution to your hair problem is here. Hair extensions in salon are a great way to add length to your hair without having to wait for a long time to grow them out. Here is everything you need to know about hair extensions for shorter hair.

Sections Are Key

If you don’t want your extensions to be noticeable, then you need to master the art of sectioning your hair. Since you have shorter hair, sectioning will be a hard task, because you won’t have a lot of hair volume to hide your clips. This is why you need to section your hair with an expertise so that the extensions can hide effortlessly in your hair.

Pick The Right Color

The key to making your extensions blend in with your natural hair color is to find the right color of hair extensions. The wrong color will be off putting and it will give away the fact that you are wearing extensions.

Always spend a good amount of time matching the color of your extensions to your hair, because matching cuts the blending job in half and you don’t need to try hard to conceal the extensions and its clips. Matching once will save you a lot of work in the end.

Tease Your Roots

A great tip in order to let the extensions sit in your hair better and to give you that extra bit of volume is to tease the roots where you are going to clip your extensions in place. This is a very good tip, because teasing the hair will give you a lift near the roots and the clips will grip better on your hair because your hair has a lot of friction to it.

Teasing the hair also gives a lot of volume, which is good if you want to hide the clips and grip of your extensions.

Stack The Extensions

Another thing you can do to make your extensions blend in your natural hair, is to stack extensions on top of each other. This is a very nice tip, since you don’t have to worry about hiding a lot of clips and you can just hide one clip or grip of the extensions while the other ones are stacked on the main weft.

Stacking the extensions also makes it easier to clip the extensions because there is more room in your hair and you don’t have to cramp your hair with a lot of hair extension clips.

Curl To Blend

This is a tip for after you put on the extensions. Sometimes, with shorter hair, you can clearly see where the short hair ends and the long hair starts, so to blend this, you can curl your hair. Curling your hair blends the extensions and the natural hair and there is no line of demarcation. Curling your hair also gives a good look to your hair and it looks very natural and the extensions and natural hair flows in beautifully. Use a big curling wand to make loose curls and give your hair a tousled look to your entire hair, including the extensions.

Concealing The Clips

Concealing the clips of the extensions can be a hard task, especially if you have shorter hair because you don’t have a lot of hair to conceal it. What you can do is use a clip free extension, this type of extension is attached with a string and the string is much easier to blend in with the hair since it is very thin and it blends perfectly with your hair.

If you want to go for clip in extensions then try to find extensions where the clips are tucked under the hair so it conceals everything better.


There you have it! Extensions are a lifesaver for women with shorter hair, you can magically get longer locks without having to wait for a long time and the best part is that they are not damaging to your hair at all. Get them done from salons that do hair extensions Potomac to buy the extensions and apply them yourself.

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